A Closet’s Worth of Fashion and Design

Julie Hale, Tracy Varga and Katie Mac Murphy.

Julie Hale, Tracy Varga and Katie Mac Murphy.

It’s important to find joy in your wardrobe, so that you have the confidence to look your best – and feel your best – every day. Easier said than done for most women who find walking into their closet one of the most stressful parts of the day, as they often find themselves rummaging through an overstuffed closet with clothing that hasn’t seen the light of day in decades. It’s also hard to part with clothing we’ve overspent on; thinking one day “someone” will wear it. And it’s not easy putting together pieces that compliment one another and flatter your particular body type.

This is precisely why hiring a personal stylist cannot only alleviate everyday stress, but also save money in the long run. The Tracy Varga Group has years of experience and professional training. Whether you are looking for help in finding the perfect outfit for a job interview or in completely overhauling your closet. There is no job too small or too big for these ladies. They’ll make the walk to your closet a lot easier.

Lori Kommor: Tell me how you got started as a style consultant?
Tracy Varga: During my first career in the finance industry, I lived in both New York City and Chicago. It was a wonderful experience being surrounded by great stores and interesting street style. I also met several friends in the fashion industry. While in Chicago, I lived around the corner from Michigan Avenue, and walked by beautifully dressed windows everyday on my way to work. It was very inspiring, as well as expensive!

When I moved back to Louisville, 15 years ago, to marry my husband John, a friend asked me to help her with her closet. The experience was so enjoyable and rewarding it inspired me to learn more. I went to London Image Institute and studied personal style, professional image and color analysis. I have been a certified member of The Association of Image Consultants for over 10 years and regularly attend industry conferences to stay current.

Kommor: You recently launched a couple new additions to The Tracy Varga Group. Can you elaborate on this?
Varga: Over the past six months we have added two very talented consultants. Katie Murphy and Julie Hale. We also recently launched an educational style blog for women over 40 called Pink Suede. In early 2015, we will be offering group style classes.

Kommor:  What is the most satisfying part of your job?
Varga: I love helping woman increase their clothing confidence and knowledge. I have helped women dress for interviews, job promotions, dates and weddings. Watching women succeed in their passion is my passion. We also give them the gift of time and reduced stress.

It is very satisfying to watch how changes on the outside can be transformational to the inside. Not to overstate the importance of a clean closet or a couple of cute outfits, but the experience can be life changing.

Kommor:  Are there items in a woman’s closet that should never be thrown away?
VARGA: There are definitely clothes that last longer than others. Items with classic lines in solid colors stay in style the longest. Prints and trendy pieces date the fastest. Examples of classics would include:
Classic coats and trench coats. I have coats in my closet that are over 20 years old. However, I have altered some of them to keep them current.
V-neck and cardigan cashmere sweaters
Anything leopard print
Certain handbags and scarves

Kommor:  What are some of your biggest challenges when entering someone else’s closet?
Varga: While we work with closets of every size and type some of the most common challenges we see are:
Poor lighting
Space constraints
Filled with things other than clothes
Filled with clothes that aren’t worn

Kommor:  How can someone learn more about what The Tracy Varga Group does?
Varga: We have a new website with great information- www.tracyvargagroup.com. Subscribe to our style blog for regular trend and style ideas at www.tracyvargagroup.com/blog/ or attend one of our style classes this winter.