Keep The BD Party Going At Louisville’s Latest Hot Spot

Richard Ruth.

Richard Ruth.

Once we close the curtains on BD2012, the party doesn’t stop there. This year we take the after-party to one of Louisville’s newest hot spots, St. Charles Exchange.

And to keep the oomph in everyone’s step, we have called on DJ Jay “Jaybird” Campbell to take it to the next level. Everyone who attends The Voice-Tribune’s Best Dressed Presented by Churchill Downs will enter the after-party at no cost. However, those who are only attending the after-party will pay a $10 cover, donated to the benefiting charity, The West End School.

I caught up with Richard Ruth from St. Charles Exchange for more insight on what guests can expect at the BD2012 after-party!

Lori Kommor: The Voice-Tribune is thrilled to take the BD2012 after-party to one of Louisville’s hot spots. Can you tell guests who will be attending what they can expect at St. Charles Exchange?

Richard Ruth: Guests who walk into St. Charles will find a stunning backdrop with drinks and service that are as eye-catching as the fashion that will be on display!

L.K.: Several of St. Charles Exchange investors are from Philadelphia, Pa. How was it that Louisville was chosen as a restaurant destination? 

R.R.: Louisville was chosen because it is a great restaurant city that appreciates a culinary approach to both food and beverages.

L.K.: How would you describe the St. Charles Exchange experience to someone who has never been in?

R.R.: A guest that walks into the St. Charles Exchange will first notice the relaxed elegance of the space is unique to Louisville. Then the award-winning, classically driven cocktail program and unique twists on classic American fare. Both of which are delivered by our knowledgeable and talented staff!

L.K.: What are some unique menu items that your chef has planned for the fall season?

R.R.: For the fall, we have collaborated with a local farmer who is going to grow almost all of our produce we use at the restaurant. We will change the menu with the season, but will keep some of the favorite items on the menu like the deviled eggs and Elvis on horseback. The new menu will be innovative, yet stick to the classic American roots and contain some of the freshest food in Louisville.