Dress Your BD Best This Fall

This week I talked with two more of our fabulous Best Dressed presented by Churchill Downs sponsors to gain some insight into the lastest fall fashion trends you can expect to see at BD2012.

Representatives from local boutiques Circe and Boutique Serendipity shared their perspectives on fashion, including which hues to choose, the future of fur and the lowdown on leather.


The Circe crew.

Lori Kommor: What fashion staples should everyone have in their closet, and why?

Circe: Denim. Everyone needs a great pair of jeans to wear with everything from tees to silk tops. Focus on buying a fitted pair to make every outfit flattering. Our new favorite line is Mother Denim.

Solids, meaning solid tops, bottoms and dresses. These are the things that will never fail to be the base of a great outfit. Plus they are easier to rotate through your wardrobe without tiring of them. Once you have basic pieces you can work on updating them with patterned pieces, jewelry and accessories.

(And) sunglasses. Great eye-wear not only protects from the harsh sun, but also has the ability to make us look better even on our worst days!

LK: For someone shopping on a budget what item should they splurge on?  

Circe: Leather is a definite splurge item. A leather jacket is always a staple, but in general you can see the quality in a leather piece whether it is on your back, feet or shoulders. Take care of these pieces and they will last for years!

(Also) jewelry. Have a signature piece that you can wear daily. Whether it’s a watch, ring or earrings, jewelry speaks volumes and can make an outfit memorable.

(Lastly) fragrance. Your scent is very important, but finding a great scent that works with your pheromones can be a task. What works on you may not work on someone else. So once you find one you love, stick with it even if it is a splurge.

LK: What fashion trends can we expect to see in Circe this fall?

Circe: Lots of beautiful coats and statement jackets will be in this fall. Some very cool, convertible coat/vests are coming from Sam. Loads of Fur! Leather seems to be a growing trend and it’s not going anywhere. We will have skirts, dresses, pants and jackets. We love the leather! We have stunning vests coming from Rebecca Taylor and Haute Hippie and gorgeous tops from ALC. Lastly we have tons of skinny jeans and pants in all kinds of colors and fabrics to tie it all together.

Boutique Serendipity

LK: How would you describe Boutique Serendipity to someone who has never been in your store?

Boutique Serendipity: Affordable, wearable clothes for women who love fashion!

LK: What fall fashion trends can we expect to see at BD2012?

BS: A lot of purple hues and color blocking and lace with solids are still important in tonal dressing.


LK: Who are some of the unique designers that can be found at Boutique Serendipity?

BS: Unique to our store: Sara Campbell, Ted Baker, Parker and Jude Connally.


LK: Accessories can transform an outfit. What are some of the most cost-effective ways to accessorize?

BS: A great wrap belt can transform any outfit!