that’s so zef

scary? yes...awesome? definitely

“Zef: The ultimate style…it’s a full flex, like a full flex. It’s an African style. It’s not something you can really explain.. It’s something you experience; like a video game when you reach the next level, that’s basically zef. Zef is the next level.” –Ninja (Die Antwoord)

Die Antwoord is so zef, man. After listening to their latest album “Ten$ion” on repeat, I’ve become fixated on this rap-rave group from South Africa.

Just to clear things up…Die Antwoord is Afrikaans for “The Answer”.

i mean look at that cover art...

Comprised of Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones), Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek, this band has already consumed the attention of “le interwebs”.

Warning: this music is not for the faint of heart (or sight). If the explicit nature of the lyrics don’t get you…the over-the-top music videos will. Don’t be fooled though…there’s definitely a satirical tone injected in there.

she has a thing for rats

Part of my fascination with this group comes from the punk-hoodrat-rappin’-pixie Yo-Landi Vi$$er. Lady Gaga doesn’t even come close to her in the weird department. I don’t know whether to be confused by her style or enamored. I think I’m somewhere in the middle…obsessed.

can't deny her body is rockin' though!

Maybe it’s those “next-level beats”, their distinctive hipster-trash visual style, or their edgy personas…these guys just might import”zef” into American culture.