Kentucky Fans

I’m a Cards fan. A Cards fan that cheers on UK every chance I get except for once (or in this case, twice) a year.

This may be sacrilegious to some UofL fans but I don’t really give a damn. I like seeing my state win. Whether it be college football or basketball, Top Chef or even The Amazing Race, I enjoy seeing people from my state do good. So just like most other people in The Commonwealth, I was thrilled when both UofL and UK made it to the 2012 Final Four.

Photo: Christian Randolph/AP

Photo: Christian Randolph/AP

I didn’t expect the Cards to win because let’s face it, Kentucky had the better team this year. So it was no surprise to me when UK came through on Saturday night and beat UofL by 8 points. What did surprise me was that UK students and fans in Lexington decided to celebrate their team’s WIN by catching things on fire and throwing beer bottles at police officers.

This whole tournament I’ve been going back and forth with UofL fans about why I should or shouldn’t cheer on the Cats and the bad rep. their fans get for being so obnoxious. I personally had never experienced this until now. The only Big Blue fan that I’m truly close to is my step-father, Andy. He knows the game, cheers for the Cards when he can and has always been respectful of others when it’s game-time.

Now I’m not saying I now think that all UK fans are obnoxious drunken arsonists, but the ones in Lexington this weekend sure didn’t help their case any.