Louisville’s own “Scarlet Smile” to play at Forecastle

My Morning Jacket is perhaps the most famous band to come out of Louisville in recent years, but there’s a new hot group who’s making a name for themselves.

Fresh out of high school, Scarlet Smile has been shaking up the local music scene with its unique indie rock sound. Their big moment comes this weekend when they play a set on the Forecastle lineup (Saturday 3:45-4:15 at the Port Stage). I sat down with Cameron Murphy, bassist for the band, and talked with him about the exciting things on the horizon for Scarlet Smile.

SNM: How would you describe your music?

Cameron Murphy: “We started off as a post-hardcore band, but now I’d say we’re indie-pop-rock. We try to combine those three elements as much as we can to create our sound.”

SNM: How did you guys come together and form Scarlet Smile?

CM: “Sam Varga (lead singer) and Jacob Hollenbach (drummer) were in a band together in middle school, then they decided to start playing music again and get some new members. They found me and then we found Nick Conroy (guitarist). We started as a cover band but then began writing original songs, and that’s when we got passionate about what we were doing”.

SNM: Who are your biggest influences?

CM: “We all have really different musical taste. We started off being influenced by the hardcore scene, but I’d say now we’re more influenced by bands like Brand New, Circa Survive, and Mumford & Sons.”

SNM: Tell me about your new EP you just released on iTunes.

CM: “We recorded it in New Jersey with Rob Freeman, who’s recorded Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, and Hit The Lights. We wrote the songs with Loren Israel (A&R consultant for Virgin and Warner Bros.), he’s worked with the Plain White T’s, Jimmy Eatworld, Neon Trees. The biggest theme of the EP is moving on in our lives to the next step, becoming adults, rites of passage, etc.”

SNM: How did you get the Forecastle gig? 

CM: “Basically, we thought it was a long-shot. But because it was a local festival, we found a contact and sent them a press kit. We sent them our newest songs and they liked it. They wanted to promote local bands and we’re so glad they chose us.”

SNM: What are you most looking forward to about Forecastle?

CM: “We’re so excited to play our set, to see other great bands play, and to meet lots of cool people in the music scene. We’ve played some pretty big shows before, but this is going to be our biggest one so far.”

So don’t forget, 3:45 on Saturday at the Port stage at Forecastle! And if you’d like to talk to these awesome guys they’ll be at the merch tent, so come say hi and check out their music.

Check out the video to their hit song “Between You And Me” here.