hOlOgRaPhIc FaShIoN

Marty McFly (Back To The Future)

Holographic nails are having their moment.

Bluemarine Fall 2012



noun \ˈmag-ˌpī\

1: any of various birds (especially Pica pica) related to the jays but having a long graduated tail and black-and-white or brightly colored plumage
2: a person who chatters noisily
3: one who collects indiscriminately
I would say that I’m a self-professed magpie. I like to collect things. Lots of things. Is it bad to want to surround yourself with pretty things? I’m not sure. Some would say so…
In our culture these days we’re obsessed with the newest craze, the hoarder. I guess you would say these people collect “indiscriminately”. While my room has a few messy areas (particularly corners, closets, drawers, etc.) there is also an “eclectic” mix of photographs, knick-knacks, art, shoes, nostalgia (toys, handmade gifts) that all morph together to become MY space.
One of these items is a giant holographic board…

NOTICE: random holographic board

Here you can see The Magpie Method in action. Interesting items (perhaps too many of them) crammed together to create…an eclectic space!
What I’m getting to is THAT holographic board on the right. The picture doesn’t do it justice but, when you look at it in person, with the light of my window reflecting onto it, it shines like a crazy diamond. So many colors, morphing together, like a spastic rainbow hyped up on caffeine.
That’s what it’s all about. HOLOGRAPHIC fashion. Shoes and hats and bags (and even clothes!) that reflect all the colors around. I cannot stress to you how cool it is.
For you children of the 90’s out there (Disney kids), remember Zenon, Girl Of The 21st Century?  She wore some crazy clothes. You could say she was “out of this world” with her fashion choices. Then again, it was 1999. But the 90’s are back, and they’re not going anywhere for awhile.


It’s the fashion of the future, and the future is NOW.

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