Finally, it’s Social Networking for introverts!

If a collection of social networking websites were a high school, Facebook would be the stuck-up girl bragging about her social life, Google+ would be the kid who tried so hard to be cool but couldn’t knock down the Alpha dog, Twitter would be the guy who has to tell you every unimportant detail about his day, Tumblr would be the alternative chick who never leaves the art studio, and Evernote would be the kid in class who never said a single word but was secretly brilliant. 

What is Evernote? It’s an anti-social Networking site. It’s not about broadcasting your every move to the world, but instead creating a personal journal to record your life. No one else sees it, unless you should wish them to. Like an online notebook, you create a page that you can write on and easily post photos and other media. You can use it as a scrapbook, cookbook, inspiration board, or simply as a journal.

I love how I can feel satisfaction about marking an important day in my life, or my personal opinions about the way someone treated me, without needing to tell one too many people. Yet, I’m still feeling the thrill of thoughts made reality when I am typing it out!

And because I’ve grown up in the digital age I find that the keyboard allows more fluidity for my thoughts (no erasing or pen-smearing to get in my way!). That reminds me that maybe I should brush up on my cursive…