Trend Report: Dinner Jackets

“I like my fashion SHAKEN, not stirred!”

Okay, that was a poor attempt to spin the James Bond original. However, celebs are appearing EVERYWHERE with this modern spin on a classic look.

Dressed Behavior takes a look at Dinner Jackets…
Dinner Jackets first came into fashion during the Victorian era. They were used as a less formal alternative for the tailcoat. We do however, think its safe to say that Mr. Bond popularized the look.

Believe it or not, this look is not hard to find. There are actually a few options. If seeking to wear formally — there is always the option of renting. One can do so from any local tuxedo rental. However, if your like me – I prefer to own.

I recently wore a dinner jacket for my birthday, towards the end of 2011. Although it was designer, I found it for a VERY reasonable price at a local thrift store. The search was tedious, but the reward was great. Let’s not rule out eBay and department stores as well –as this look gets increasingly more popular.

In the city of Louisville, Derby is the time of year that everyone anxiously anticipates. While big hats and seer sucker are Churchill staples, try this look for evening events and formal outings. Dinner jackets are sure to add that level of sophistication and stand out ability to your black tie needs. And ladies, this look isn’t just for the fellas…

Below, celebs give you their take on this traditional staple. Dress it up or dress it down — either way, you’ll be on your Dressed Behavior.

Whitney Port wears an oversized version

Actor Aziz Ansari wears his look classic.

Actor Aziz Ansari wears his look classic.