Chunked and Stacked

Chunked and stacked are two words you MUST add to your vocabulary for Spring/Summer 12 — and we’re not talking Waffle House. This season offers a fashion flashback straight from 70’s disco glam, and it is as hot as ever.

With an added drama of their own, chunky heels are a perfect accent for cropped pants and flirty frocks. They immediately elongate the leg — the taller, the better.

Women say these alternatives last longer since smaller heels are often damaged by cracks and dirt. Chunky heels are also much safer to get around in, finding yourself freed from the dreaded, stiletto ankle twist — not to mention, they just look so [EXPLETIVE] good!

 Dressed Behavior encourages you to try this look, as it will be dominating a large chunk of the year. Here are some of our favorites…



1) Madeline Girl Twiggy ( $70

2) Zoey Wedge ( $250

3) T Bar wooden Chunky ( $63