Calling All Colors

Calling ALL colors to the forefront, as this 80’s trend quickly reemerges and dominates your Spring/Summer seasons. Celebs all over have embraced this stand out style — and Dressed Behavior encourages you, dear reader, to do the same.

Colored pants (jeans specifically) have become this season’s staple. They can be found just about EVERYWHERE! From high end to bargain, colored jeans refuse to fade. Opt out of the traditional washes and take a spin on the color wheel until you reach the jackpot!

Here are some of our favorite celebs who aren’t afraid to flirt with these hot hues…


Here’s the trick when attempting to wear colored pants — offset these bright bottoms with neutral pieces like Kim Kardashian and Kayne West. Actress, Michelle Williams opted for nautical stripes as a signature staple. This will add class and sophistication to your look. Lastly, teen-heartthrob Justin Bieber, gives pop to his red bottoms with a pair of Louboutin sneaks in a print.

However you choose to make this look your own, it is important to remember — less is more! Now go on, grab this look and set out on your Dressed Behavior.