Winny Wearren: BD2012 Winner

Winny Wearren

Winny Wearren


I have been married to Andrew for 17 years and am the proud mother of three beautiful girls. Hayden is a 16-year-old junior at Sacred Heart Academy. My soon to be 10-year-old, Reese, is in the fourth grade at Sacred Heart Model School along with 7-year-old Sloane, who is in the second grade.

Fashion Heroes

I love the classic images of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and of course Jackie O. This influence has been passed on to my daughters and the evidence of this is in their rooms, which are filled with images and books of these iconic women. For my modern inspiration, I personally love Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker. Not only are these women chic, elegant and edgy, they’re strong – yet petite – mothers and brilliant business women.

Favorite Places to Shop

I love to support the local boutiques, my favorite being Blink, where my best-loved lines include Vince, Velvet and Joie. Since I am a full-time, working mother I also do a lot of shopping at online stores such as Intermix and Scoop NYC.


I take great pride in being able to balance my family, friends and career. My foremost passions are my husband and my daughters. I love to be on the sidelines at my girls’ many extracurricular activities cheering them on. I credit my ability to balance life and my sanity to the love and support of extended family and close friends. I am also very passionate about my home and my neighborhood, Cherokee Gardens, where I serve as a Trustee on the Board of Directors. I value the sense of community in St. Matthews and being so closely connected to the schools, restaurants and local amenities. My career is very important to me. I work for Depuy-Synthes and have been a spine specialist for the last 18 years. I strive to be an example to my daughters that you can achieve great things with hard work, loyalty and determination.