Hadley Hartz: BD2012 Winner

Hadley Hartz

Hadley Hartz


My mom (Patti), dad (Max), younger brother (Max) and hopefully soon-to-be sister-in-law (Bekah Phillips) were all in attendance the night of the event as well as my boyfriend, Casner Wheelock, and his mother, Macy Courtney. My family has always been supportive in anything and everything that I do, even when it comes to walking the runway! My parents traveled from Owensboro for Saturday night and got all gussied up for a night out in the ‘big city.’ My family is very close and I was very blessed to have them with me for such a fun and charitable cause.

Fashion Heroes

My fashion hero would have to be Carrie Bradshaw. I have been lusting over her (imaginary) wardrobe for years. I would love to have Carrie Bradshaw’s crazy, colorful and completely nonsensical apparel. Most of her things are completely ridiculous but that’s why I love them. She puts together patterns and accessories that no one could even imagine. And then there is her shoe collection – drool. She is definitely iconic and a true hero: she will try anything, isn’t afraid to take risks and really puts herself out there – add in the fact that her wardrobe is a fantasy, and….

Favorite Places to Shop

Some of my favorite local stores include Dot Fox, Discoveries, Acorn and The Nitty Gritty. All four of these stores carry unique items, and every time I visit I see new must-have items. Dot Fox has incredibly fun dresses and tops that you will not see in any mall. Discoveries has jewelry that I refer to as ‘statement pieces.’ I have a few necklaces from there that are outfits all on their own – stick it on with skinny jeans and a white top and voila – a fab fit. Acorn and The Nitty Gritty are both vintage shops that never disappoint.


I have two passions in life – education and fashion. (My dad is not thrilled that both of these are expensive ones.) I love to hunt and find that perfect pair of vintage high-waisted jeans at a thrift store for a few bucks or a super-soft old leather clutch for a fraction of the original price. I love, LOVE fashion but have to try and recreate the looks I find in Vogue for pennies on the dollar. Vintage pieces are always sprinkled into almost any outfit I wear – from jewelry to handbags, coats to dresses – I love it all! Vintage items allow your outfit to be unique and give you the comfort of knowing that no one else will have on what you are wearing. I get to teach during the week and express my fashion on the weekends – it’s a great life!