Ali Navigar: BD2012 Winner

Ali Navigar

Ali Navigar


I am an only child and have a small, tight-knit family. I was born in Iran, and my family and I moved here over 25 years ago and have lived in Louisville since then.

Fashion Heroes

One of my fashion heroes is also one of my old school musical heroes. I am a big fan of Sam Cooke and his simple, yet classy style. He was an incredible talent and dressed well. He was just one cool cat, and I have always admired him.

Favorite Places to Shop

I like to shop anywhere and everywhere where I can find something that looks good, is comfortable and I can still wear several years down the (road). Evolve consignment store on Frankfort Avenue has a unique selection of clothing, and I stop by there every so often.


More than anything, I enjoy traveling. I am always (looking) for an excuse to get together with some friends and go somewhere new and interesting. I am also a die-hard UofL basketball and LA Lakers fan.