rodeo drive

Nicole Miller Trunk Show

In anticipation for Derby, Rodeo Drive held a Nicole Miller trunk show on March 10 and 11.

Fall Fashion 2013

Falls looks at the Frazier History museum.

20 Years Of Rodeo Drive

The old adage time flies when you’re having a good time is never been more true than for Raquel Koff and Michelle...

The Speed Ball: Last Minute Looks

STORE DIRECTORY Blink Boutique, 3706 Lexington Road, 502.899.9885. Circe Boutique, 3630 Brownsboro Road, 502.894.0095. Rodeo Drive, 2212 Holiday Manor Center, 502.425.8999. Rodes,...

Boutique Warehouse Sale

Local shoppers enjoyed up to 90 percent off clothing and accessories during the Boutique Warehouse Sale hosted inside Holiday Manor Jan. 11-12.