It’s That Time Again

Overpriced parking, Jack Nicholson’s entourage, outrageous hotel rates, and beautiful Kentucky women dressed in their seasonal finest, strutting through the crowd at...

The L Word

In the Supreme Court case Jacobellis vs. Ohio, 1964, Justice Potter Stewart was pressed to define pornography. He answered that he...

The Darwinism Of Dating

The Yao People of South Africa believed that taking a photograph of a person could steal his or her soul.

Skinny Jeans Have No Mercy

I’m going on a date. I think her name is Susan, but let’s call her Jessica. And why not? I always liked...

When Is The Date Over?

I am sitting somewhere off Brownsboro Road, watching 10-year-olds swat at tennis balls like giant, yellow flies.

Escaping The Derby

Blame it on the hat. The Derby Hat, the quintessential accessory for a Louisville Lady, was mocking me.

Dating a Dater

“I’m kind of in a relationship with somebody.”

Mars Needs Single Moms

The Single Mom. Once thought to be a rare and unusual species, the Single Mom has made an amazing comeback.