UK And UofL Join The Parade To Increased Tuition

The University of Kentucky, flush with money, has rewarded several of its coaches with big raises. Some of the raises have been for more than a million dollars—a year!
Not to be outdone, UK’s trustees approved a six percent raise for all of its students too.

Picky, picky, picky.

One of the trustees, courageous Pam May, said, “I’m very, very troubled knowing that the vote I am making would have kept me from going to school.”

UK’s in-state tuition is now more than in-state tuition at the University of North Carolina and the University of Texas at Austin. Oh well, everyone knows that the financial status of both Carolina and Texas is far below Kentucky.

It didn’t take but a couple of days before the University of Louisville gave its students a “raise.”

And Murray State announced that it is building a basketball-only building.

NCAA Picky, Picky

Those nosey men and women investigators from the NCAA are at it again. They have been looking into UK’s recruitment of the next great “one and done” basketball player, Nerlens Noel, who apparently is not apt to be a Rhodes Scholar candidate. But he is 6-foot-10.

That story was broken by sports columnist Pete Thamell as are most scoops concerning college sports.

In fact, the one thing college presidents, directors of athletics and coaches fear most is “Pete Thamell of The New York Times is on the phone for you.”

Nothing will clear out an office quicker than that.

Anthony’s Sister

I am surprised that the NCAA hasn’t looked into the status of Anthony Davis’ twin sister, who just completed her freshman year at UK. Such little things like who paid for her tuition? Is she one-and-done too?

By now John Calipari and his recruiters just have to be smart enough to walk the straight and narrow. They have no excuses for anything else.

Best Derby Story

Mike Lopresti of USA Today wrote the best Kentucky Derby story before or after the big race.

Some of his pearls:
The Derby is the gold standard in American sports stability: same event, same place for 138 years. The race was run 21 times before the birth of the modern Olympics and 92 times before the birth of the Super Bowl.

Where else do 3-year-olds stand still for pictures?

It might be different for John Calipari down the road in Lexington, but this is the place where nobody cares that the champions are always one-and-done.

This is not Augusta. Girl horses have been allowed in for years.

That is just some of Lopresti’s great stuff.

He writes two or three times a week and is always interesting.

The paper is published Monday through Friday and is well worth the buck that it costs.