London Primes World For Rio

Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

London set the bar high for Rio de Janeiro when that Brazilian fun-loving city puts on its Opening Day ceremonies for the 2016 Olympic Games.

With a Beatle, the Queen of England and a show that taught a lot of us British history in the most entertaining and least painful way possible, London set the bar higher than it has ever been.

But Rio will be equal to the task. You have seen some of those spectacular  shows during Carnival in Rio, haven’t you? Then you know that Rio can do it.

More than 40 million viewers saw the tremendous London show on TV.

Here at home, The Courier-Journal helped us tremendously by publishing complete times and which of the varied  NBC entities carried which sport.

To think that I got criticized when I made The C-J the first major newspaper to carry “Sports on the Air” many moons ago.

But The C-J pulled a huge boo-boo when it failed to carry the finest story to come out just before the Olympics. It was a New York Times story comparing the University of Kentucky’s climb back from its shameful NCAA problems that were overcome by Rick Pitino and C.M. Newton with Penn State’s shame.

Tremendously well done story. Great writing. The Lexington Herald-Leader jumped on the story with both feet, leading its sports section with the complete story. The Courier-Journal didn’t publish one word. Surely the folks at Sixth and Broadway know that Rick Pitino coaches at UofL.