Cards Perch At Top Of The Rankings

Quit pinching yourselves, all of you University of Louisville  fans.

You aren’t dreaming. Pick the sport and your Cardinals just keep flying high.

You are seeing athletic history being made before your very appreciative eyes.

Let us count the ways:

  1. The university’s athletic teams really are full-fledged members of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Yes, right up there with Duke and North Carolina and those other academic schools Virginia, Georgia Tech and on and on.
  2. Charlie Strong really did coach his football Cardinals to a BCS victory over Florida (of the mighty SEC!) and they promise to be even  stronger this fall. And some of you probably still don’t believe it, but your coach really did turn down that Rocky Top school (again, an SEC team)!
  3. Now the current excitement – maybe the most delicious of all – and you get to yell your heads off when every single one of Rick Pitino’s No. 1-ranked Cardinals chalk up another convincing victory.

Think back to UofL’s greatest players – the Wes Unselds and the Darrell Griffiths. None of those teams had as many game-breakers as this one does.

How can any opposing team stop all five or six of the top Cardinals?

When Peyton Siva picks up two quick fouls, Russ Smith elevates his game. Gorgui Dieng improves with every single game. He is an ever-improving talent as a defender, rebounder and scorer.

Each time I see Chane Behanan he reminds me of Unseld, the greatest of all the Cardinals’ rebounders. He is about the same height as Unseld, not as strong as Wes, but strong enough. He and Dieng control most games. And Dieng looks better on offense with every game.

  1. Pitino may be doing the best job of his storied career.  This is a quick, talented team that can go all the way.