Ashley’s Academy Open For Business

Photo by VICTORIA GRAFF | Contributing Photographer

Photo by VICTORIA GRAFF | Contributing Photographer

A new talent agency has been started. You may be interested in its first advertisement:

Wanted: Athletes interested in guidance to become the best in the world. Get in touch with Ashley Judd Talent Agency, Hollywood (or Lexington during the college basketball season, especially during the NCAA Tournament.)

That’s fantasy, of course, but Ashley would have more going for her than any other talent agency in the world.

Just think: The repeat winner of the Indianapolis 500 (and third championship in all) is Ashley’s husband, Dario Franchitti.

The reigning national championship basketball team is the University of Kentucky, whose most famous graduate just happens to be one Ashley Judd. She also is the No. 1 fan of Coach Cal’s Wildcats. When she’s shooting a movie, she makes sure it doesn’t interfere with the Wildcats’ schedule.

Come on, 3rd Crown!

Thoroughbred racing desperately needs another Triple Crown. If I’ll Have Another can win the Belmont and complete the first Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978, we will have our 12th Triple Crown champion.

All together now, let’s recite the greatest of the greatest:

1919: Sir Barton
1930: Gallant Fox
1935: Omaha
1937: War Admiral
1941: Whirlaway
1943: Count Fleet
1946: Assault
1948: Citation
1973: Secretariat
1977: Seattle Slew
1978: Affirmed

Trainers: Boo!

Somehow it just doesn’t seem right for Doug O’Neill’s suspension to be delayed until after the Belmont. I have a great idea to end the “milkshake crisis” in racing.

When a trainer gets caught, his punishment should be to have a hose stuck down his throat – or nose – and a real milkshake poured down the hose.

I am an animal lover. Horses and tigers are Gods’ most beautiful creatures on Earth. But horses also are among the dumbest. I learned long ago that when a horse and mule are pulling a load, the mule always will let the horse pull most of it.

I learned that from my uncle who always kept a beautiful riding horse. But the horse had to be harnessed with a mule during the plowing season. My uncle would tell his men, “Don’t let that mule make my horse pull most of the load.”

The UK Zarankas

The University of Kentucky has lost one of its most ardent football fans with the death of Betty Zaranka, 86.  She was married for 61 years to Benny Zaranka, who was recruited by Paul “Bear” Bryant to play end for him.

Following his graduation, Benny stayed in Lexington. For years, the Zarankas and friends gathered in the parking lot at the stadium on Friday night. If the Cats were on the road, the Zarankas and friends drove in a procession of Big Blue RVs.

Benny also pitched for the Cats when  UK’s two coaching giants, Bryant and basketball’s Adolph Rupp, let two of their top assistants take turns to make a little extra money by coaching the baseball Cats. Frank Moseley (football) and Harry Lancaster (basketball) were the two shared by the Bear and the Baron.

The Cats were taking a shellacking in one game pitched by Zaranka. Football player Allen Hamilton was playing right field. Finally, when so many balls were hit over his head, Hamilton, a Male High graduate, turned his back and got in a sprinter’s stance so he could get a head start on the balls.

Moseley chastised Hamilton, telling him “you’ll hurt Benny’s feelings.”