Wilson & Muir Bank Digs Deeper to Help Local Businesses

Andy Parker & Ben Palmer-Ball

Story by Wilson & Muir Bank

Digs, a local home and garden store located in St. Matthews, was looking for a bank that would take the time to build a strong relationship and get to know their business needs better. They had credit needs related to the working capital requirements of their business. Wilson & Muir Bank was able to meet Digs’ needs with an operating line of credit. 

“As a small business owner, I live by customer service and personal relationships – it’s what sets my business apart from my competition, so it was only natural that I would expect those same qualities in a banking partner,” said Ben Palmer-Ball, owner of Digs. “When other banks began cutting back on business services and personnel, I felt like an account number rather than a person – it was time to switch.”

“They also had needs on the depository side and we were able to meet those with cash management and deposit services and having a branch so convenient to them,” said Andy Parker, Commercial Loan Officer and Senior Vice President at Wilson & Muir Bank. “I remember Ben telling me he had experienced account officer turnover at his current bank and he was left with someone that didn’t seem to be able to meet his needs.”

Ben felt like he wasn’t a big enough client to be important to his past bank. “I spent a lot of time with Ben getting to know him and his business,” added Parker.

Parker clearly has a great deal of experience and knowledge to draw on, but it wasn’t just his years of experience that impressed Palmer-Ball. “Andy and the team at Wilson & Muir Bank have walked the talk on every occasion – it wasn’t just about securing our business and then moving on to the next client – Andy consistently reaches out to ensure the Wilson & Muir Bank family is meeting our needs,” said Palmer-Ball.

Having worked in the banking industry in Louisville since 1987, Parker had experienced the same big bank frustration. So, three years ago, he joined Wilson & Muir Bank. “Wilson & Muir Bank has been serving Kentucky since 1865. That stability and commitment to the client relationship is the formula that attracted me as a Commercial Loan Officer. I know that this is the best bank for me to be able to take care of my clients,” said Parker. Headquartered in Bardstown, WMB has locations in Nelson, Hardin, and Grayson Counties.  Their Louisville location is right in the heart of St. Matthews.

“I can pick up the phone and speak with Andy at anytime, including his cell number. It’s literally like having a private banker for my business!” added Palmer-Ball. “I imagine Wilson & Muir Bank has many other larger, business clients, but they make me feel like my business is important to them. That’s my perspective of course, but it’s reassuring to have a partner that thinks like me.”

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