The Women of Bourbon Barrel Foods

Matt Jamie shares appreciation for the women in his life and within his company


By Ella Treinen
Photos courtesy of Bourbon Barrel Foods


In the last 15 years, many have come to know Bourbon Barrel Foods through the face of President, Founder and Owner Matt Jamie. It isn’t the success of Bourbon Barrel Foods that Jamie wanted to emphasize for this article, but the women who help make it successful.  

For Jamie, it’s hard to put a finger on one single most important woman in his life. From his mother to his daughter to his employees to his trusty office dog, Jamie is consistently supported by strong women in and out of the workplace. He started Bourbon Barrel Foods, a company that manufactures bourbon-centric gourmet food products, in 2006. His first employee was his mother who worked around the clock to help Jamie turn his vision into a reality. She set a precedent for the many women who would come to fill vital leadership roles and positions within Bourbon Barrel Foods. 

Bourbon Barrel Foods has since become a staple of both the bourbon and gourmet food industries. More than half of the employees who work to help the business flourish are women, and Jamie is grateful for their consistent dedication and inspiration. “They’re important to me and I want them to know it,” said Jamie. 

Jamie’s relationship with many of the women runs deeper than casual work chatter constrained to the office. Many of them have been with him for between five to 15 years, helping him to grow as the president and as an individual. Collectively, they fill a vital role across many different job descriptions, from chief financial officer to warehouse manager. When Jamie first opened his retail store, even his daughter would work the counter as just an 11-year-old.

In Jamie’s eyes, the women behind Bourbon Barrel Foods may all bring different assets to the table, but they share one thing in common. “They have embraced a brand that I created as if it was their own, and they believe in it. I didn’t ask for that,” said Jamie. 

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