QSR Automations

New CEO Angela Leet is leading the company to a future of growth and success


By Ella Treinen
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


You may not realize that the global leader in restaurant technology is headquartered right here in Louisville, but you’ve undoubtedly benefited from their work. QSR Automations operates in the hospitality sector providing technology for theme parks, universities, hotels and restaurants. The Cheesecake Factory, KFC and Papa John’s are just a few of their clients. After 25 years in business, the company recently welcomed a new CEO, Angela Leet. “I’ve only been the CEO of this company for about 10 weeks. It’s an exciting time to be here because now I’m looking to shape what our next 25 years are going to look like. We’re focused on a growth model,” Leet said. 

As part of this growth model, QSR is in the process of completing a brand new headquarters to accompany their technology manufacturing center situated on River Road. The new building is 37,000 square feet and will house all of QSR’s departments. The space will accommodate QSR’s growing number of employees. In Leet’s 10 short weeks as CEO, the company has hired eight new employees and is currently looking to fill eight more positions. While the pandemic offered no shortage of challenges, Leet refused to let it delay their growth model any further. “We stayed in the race through covid, and now we’re sprinting ahead,” Leet said. 

Leet is motivated by her people and inspired to carry forward her husband’s legacy. She works hard to ensure her employees are successful at doing the work they love while endeavoring to personalize her relationship with QSR Automations customers. 

In her new position, Leet is eager to lead QSR through another 25 years of preeminence in the restaurant technology industry. “We’re growing, we’re dependable, we’re innovative and if you’re in the hospitality sector, you should be doing business with us,” Leet said.

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QSR Automations
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