New Year’s Eve Downtown

Last weekend, Fourth Street Live! hosted “Louisville’s Biggest New Year’s Eve Party.”

The celebration included live music from 100% Poly and a “Times Square” ball drop at midnight.

photos by JACOB ZIMMER | contributing photographer

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@ Fiat of Louisville

In case the Chinese calendar had you fooled, 2012 is not the year of the dragon; it’s the year of the Fiat.

The Italian-made car can be seen just about anywhere these days, including on TV commercials, reality show “Jersey Shore,” and beginning January 3, it can be found at the first-ever Fiat dealership in Kentucky.

Fiat of Louisville, 4311 Shelbyville Road, of the Sam Swope Auto Group, opened to the public on Tuesday with an array of 2012 Fiat 500s available for purchase.

“We just feel like the trend in our business is headed in this direction and Fiat is out ahead of the trend,” said Richard S. “Dick” Swope, president and CEO of Sam Swope Auto Group. “Even though the Fiat 500 has been around since the 50s, it’s been updated, and it’s a car for the times.”

Earlier this week, I stopped by the dealership to find out what the “2012 Fiat Experience” is all about by taking a test drive of the Fiat 500 down Shelbyville and Westport Road.

Before hopping inside the “rame” (Italian for copper) colored Fiat, I couldn’t resist sitting behind the wheel of the large black Fiat by Gucci on display inside the show room.

I instantly fell in love with the lustrous exterior complete with the Gucci logo on various spots of the car, including the hubcap of each wheel and the body of the vehicle.

The interior, too, was elegant, with a leather steering wheel, black and ivory fabric, as well as a green and red stripe on the seat that matched the graphic located on the exterior.

Ashley Anderson sat inside the 2012 Fiat by Gucci.

Ashley Anderson sat inside the 2012 Fiat by Gucci.

After admiring the Fiat by Gucci’s beauty, I took the keys to the Fiat 500 parked outside and began a leisurely cruise down Shelbyville Road. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous I’d wreck the car somehow, but turns out the Fiat is a completely smooth ride and a ton of fun to drive.

Best of all, it’s fuel efficient and eco-friendly, which is a quality that has become increasingly important to many car-buyers, like me.

Though the car was originally designed 50 years ago, the 2012 version is definitely top-of-the-line and builds on the Fiat’s tradition of sleek, simple, functional and user-friendly.

In addition to the Fiat 500 and Fiat by Gucci, a performance version of the car, the Fiat 500 Abarth, will arrive at the dealership in mid-January.

For those seeking a one-of-a-kind Fiat, you can also custom-design it. There are 14 paint colors available in metallic, non-metallic and premium tri-coat pearl finishes; two different available interior environments, Nero (Black) or Avorio (Ivory); 14 unique seat color and ambient interior combinations and a full line of authentic accessories. The possibilities are practically endless. In fact, there are well over 500,000 different combinations.

The car, said Swope, is for just about any age group, too. “The demographic is anybody who thinks young. People who are early adopters and interested in being eco-minded but want to have fun.”

I certainly had fun driving the Fiat the other day and think I’d have even more if that Fiat by Gucci were parked in my driveway. If you’re reading this Mom, I’d like to remind you I have a birthday coming up.


Fiat of Louisville
4311 Shelbyville Road

Price Range:

$15,500 (Fiat 500 Pop) – $24,700 (Fiat by Gucci).

About the Car

1.4 Liter Engine
7 Air Bags
BLUE&ME Hands-Free Communication
Speed Control
Electronic Stability Control
5 speed Manual Transmission
30 MPG in town; 38 MPG on the highway.

For more information, visit or call 888.377.5566. Contact writer Ashley Anderson at, 502.498.2051.

photos by ASHLEY ANDERSON | Voice-Tribune

Drive Into 2012

The last of the eggnog has been dutifully sipped.

The menorahs have been stored until next year, the cookie sheets tucked away.

The gift-shopping frenzy is over.

Now, it’s the time to focus on our goals for the upcoming year.

And, if you’re like so many others, you have put together a list of your New Year’s resolutions. You may even be one step further in the game and have started planning how you’re going to achieve them.

But, if you’re like most, don’t be fooled into thinking that sustaining your goal can be as tough as winning the lottery.

This is not to say we shouldn’t challenge ourselves – we should!

What is the allure to most of us about making a New Year’s resolution?

Is it the appeal of starting from scratch? Is it the appeal of throwing away all our bad habits and starting a clean slate?

Is it that we somehow magically believe big changes begin when the calendar switches from one year to another?

Without a doubt, there is something pleasing about the beginning of a new year and leaving our bad habits behind.

January is typically like the Super Bowl for gyms. New Year’s resolutions tend to get us moving off the couch and lacing up our sneakers.

It’s the time when finding a little elbow room at the gym or yoga studio can test our patience.

Yet, we know that by the time March rolls around, more often than not our workout space is back to normal.

I’m not saying you can’t dream big, but choosing a New Year’s resolution that is somewhat challenging – yet realistic – will more than likely keep you from becoming discouraged.

For some of us, we don’t succeed at keeping our resolutions because we’re too quick to accept failure.

If you fall off the path for a day or the weekend, don’t let it ruin your drive.

Get back in the driver’s seat and try to figure out how to avoid taking the wrong turn.

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New Year’s Brunch

Food, friends and fun: Celebrating 2012 at Seviche with friends.

Food, friends and fun: Celebrating 2012 at Seviche with friends.

Several years ago, I started celebrating New Year’s Day by booking a large table at a local establishment – usually Lynn’s Paradise Cafe – and then filling it with all manner of friends.

Hap Cohan, Madeline Doolittle and Chef Anthony Lamas.

Hap Cohan, Madeline Doolittle and Chef Anthony Lamas.

This year was no different except instead of dressing in our jammies for Lynn’s annual PJ party, 16 of my favorite people met at Seviche for what was one of the best brunches I’ve ever had – and that’s in addition to being in the midst of an incredible, eclectic group of friends.

Chef Anthony Lamas and his staff outdid themselves with a brunch that included roast pork, fresh seviches, chorizo manchego grits and numerous other dishes, not to mention a divine Bloody Mary bar (the Chino Latino – wasabi ginger – was absolutely delicious) that was the perfect accoutrement to a brunch filled with food and friendship.

Happy New Year? So far, yes indeed.

Lynn's New Year Pajama Brunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

Lynn's New Year Pajama Brunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

Third Thursday

The Voice-Tribune recently moved into new digs, so we’re going to refrain from hosting our January Third Thursday event and resume our monthly parties in February. You can follow us on Twitter – @TheVoiceTribune – or LIKE us on Facebook to find out our next location. We’ll also run an announcement in print in an upcoming issue.

Contact Angie Fenton, The Voice-Tribune’s Managing Editor, at, 502.551.2698, or @angiefenton on Twitter.

Talia Takes A Break – But Not From Her Mission

For the past several months, 12-year-old Talia has been on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and to inspire others to sign up to be organ donors.

While her endeavor will continue – which means you can sign up to be a donor any time – her weekly column is going on hiatus. We look forward to her return. We also appreciate how so many people in this community have embraced her efforts.

–Angie Fenton, Managing Editor

The Fitzgerald Annual

The Voice-Tribune’s Dressed Behavior columnist Fitz Fitzgerald celebrated his birthday last week at PRIME with a well-styled crowd of friends.

photos by JACOB ZIMMER | Contributing Photographer

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Click here to purchase photos.

New Year’s Eve at The Ice House

Hundreds of revelers celebrated New Year’s Eve at The Ice House, one of the city’s newest venues.

Guests enjoyed live entertainment by Nervous Melvin and the Mistakes, libations, plenty of small bites – and it was all for a good cause.
Proceeds benefited March of Dimes.

photos by KIMBERLY MCCLELLAN | contributing photographer

Click here to purchase photos.

Click here to purchase photos.

Fourth Annual Frankfort Avenue Jingle Walk

A few weeks ago, Ashley Dunn gathered some of her best friends for an evening of caroling down Frankfort Avenue.

Sure, it was cold out, but that didn’t stop them from looking their best.

Here is some of our favorite attire from that December night.

photos by TONY BENNETT | contributing photographer

Heading South for Warmer Weather

It’s the time of year when Snowbirds, as they’re commonly called, spend the colder months in warmer weather.

For many Louisvillians, that may mean heading to Florida for a little sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Sunlight and warm temperatures have been linked to happiness, so why not get out of the brisk cold for a quick attitude adjustment?

If you are fortunate enough to escape the cold, here are some items you may want to consider taking with you.

Your Voice: Resolutions for 2012

The Voice-Tribune Reports

Ah, the new year. 2012.

This year, as with every other new year, comes the oft-dreaded New Year’s resolution.

As humans, we are entrenched in making promises at the dawn of the new year – and we’ve been doing this a long, long time.

Going back at least to 153 B.C., when an early Roman king named Janus is credited with using the new year to both ask forgiveness and look ahead to new victories.

In modern times, we use the new year to try and change the things we don’t like about ourselves.

From losing weight to getting in shape to drinking less to, well, you name it and there’s a resolution for it.

The Voice-Tribune set out on a mission to see what Louisvillians were resolving to change about themselves (or others) during 2012.

20 Ways to Jump Start the New Year

Contributing Writer

  1. Celebrate! What better way to kick off the New Year than by having a party? Grab a few of your closest friends and plan an evening of laughter and fun.
  2. Join a gym. Research your local fitness centers and burn off those holiday calories.
  3. Clean out your closet. Freshen up your look by putting your best foot forward. Ladies, this means that if you haven’t worn it in the last year, pitch it!
  4. Find a new hobby. Get to know yourself by trying new things, like painting, playing a musical instrument or cycling.
  5. Take a cooking class. Put your cooking skills to the test by learning creative and healthier ways to cook.
  6. Get outdoors. Nothing livens the spirit like the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking, or running, get out there and shake off those winter blues.
  7. Volunteer in your community. Start the New Year on the right foot by helping out at a local shelter, soup kitchen, or charity. And don’t forget, karma, karma, karma!
  8. Take a road trip. Fuel up your engine (and we don’t just mean your car) and hit the road headed towards the horizon. Sightseeing anyone?
  9. Take a vacation. Forget about your woes of the past year while relaxing to the sound of waves. And not to mention, who wouldn’t want to start the year with a bronze-y glow?
  10. Splurge. You deserve it. You worked hard last year right? So why not reward yourself. Take your pick and don’t resist.
  11. Set a realistic goal. We all have our New Year’s resolutions, but this year, choose something that you truly believe you can stick to so you can reap the rewards once you succeed.
  12. Change something about yourself, even something small. If you really want to start fresh, why not try something new?
  13. Learn a new language. If you really want to be ahead of the game, why not take language classes? Who knows where your new skill will lead you.
  14. Organize. Be on top of your game this year by getting organized. You’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.
  15. Explore your community. Bored? Reawaken that childish desire to explore and take a drive, or take a walk. We promise you’ll never cease to find something new and exciting to do once you get out there.
  16. Reach out to someone new. Feeling shy? Break out of your shell and who knows what you could learn or experience.
  17. Accomplish something you’ve been putting off. We all have that never ending list of things to do that keeps on growing. So suck it up and get it done. You’ll be thankful once you do.
  18.  Redecorate. Have some fun and try something new in your home. Start small with a few throw pillows, or go big with some reconstruction.
  19.  Explore the arts. Nothing soothes the soul like the sounds of a symphony or the sight of a masterpiece. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and go to a concert or visit a museum, and not to mention, what’s a better way to meet someone than surrounded by ingenuity and beauty?
  20. Give thanks. Most importantly, we must always remember to be thankful for what we already have while beginning the New Year. So write those thank yous, make those calls, and be extra generous at this time of year. And remember that special golden rule: what you give is what you get.


Buese Family Continues to Impress

St. X freshman Cole Buese holds nine Kentucky individual age-group records.

St. X freshman Cole Buese holds nine Kentucky individual age-group records.

At 15, Cole Buese already holds nine individual age-group state swimming records, three relay records, and last summer, the St. Xavier freshman posted a Junior National qualifying time in the 200-meter butterfly.

Buese’s older sister, Kelsey, is a senior long-distance freestyler at Sacred Heart Academy who took an individual state title in the 500-yard freestyle her sophomore year and has been an integral part of the Valkyries’s back-to-back state championship teams.

To those familiar with the Buese clan, all of this success in the pool has come as no surprise.

The Buese name has been synonymous with aquatic excellence since the 1970’s when Lisa Buese — aunt to Cole and Kelsey — rose to prominence as a Pan Am Games silver medalist in 1979 and a member of the 1980 U.S. Olympic team that boycotted the Moscow Games.

A 1981 Kentucky Country Day graduate, Lisa Buese competed with the Lakeside Seahawks before a successful career at Stanford that included a 1983 national title.

Kirk Buese, Lisa’s brother and Kelsey and Cole’s father was a standout as well, winning three team state championships at St. X from 1976-1978 before a stellar career at Vanderbilt.

As Cole begins his prep career and Kelsey puts the finishing touches on hers (she has signed to swim at Michigan State), the two have happily embraced the family’s past glories and fully intend to uphold the mantle.

“It’s a really good support system,” said Cole Buese, who specializes in butterfly, mid-distance freestyle and the individual medley. “My dad understands all the stress we have and my aunt has always been a really good role model.”

Cole Buese, 15, and Kelsey Buese, 18, are carrying on a family tradition of swimming excellence.

Cole Buese, 15, and Kelsey Buese, 18, are carrying on a family tradition of swimming excellence.

After trying cross-country, soccer and basketball in middle school, there was little doubt where Cole would gravitate.

“I started swimming at Lakeside at six and I always wanted to be a part of that. The pool was a second home,” he said.

Cole’s times in the past year rank in the top 20 nationally for his age group in six events, including No. 5 in both the 200-yard freestyle (1:43.96) and 200 butterfly (1:54.55) and No. 3 in the 100 butterfly (52.25).

“He could easily be one of the best boys we’ve ever had,” said Lakeside coach Mike DeBoor. “If he maintains his focus and excitement … he should be a player on the national level.”

The 15-year-old trains year-round with Lakeside while also competing in meets with St. X.

The Tigers, winners of 23-straight state championships, are 4-0 in dual meets this season, outscoring opponents 546-256.

“Cole’s always been a special athlete and he’s only going to get better as he matures,” said St. X coach Todd Larkin. “He’s a multi-dimensional swimmer and, as a freshman, he’ll even factor into our team’s chance of repeating this season.”

Kelsey, who has also been with Lakeside since age six, relishes the sport’s team element.

“You can race for yourself to try to get personal bests, but you’re always working for a team too,” she explained. “You get the best of both worlds — achieving your own goals and team goals.”

Sacred Heart’s Kelsey Buese is looking to lead the Valkyries to a third-straight state title.

Sacred Heart’s Kelsey Buese is looking to lead the Valkyries to a third-straight state title.

Valkyries coach Jim Luebbe said Kelsey’s “great internal pace” allows her to pick the proper moments to be aggressive in a race.

“She allows the race to come to her and jumps on it at the right time,” Luebbe said. “Often in our sport, people shy away from distance races, but she accepts the challenge willingly.”

A second team All-State selection last season, Kelsey has finished in the top five in the 500 freestyle at the last three State Meets (5th, 1st, 4th).

Rounding out the Buese family are Hallie, 11, who swims for Lakeside and dances competitively, and Mackenzie, 19, a sophomore at Miami (Ohio), who was an accomplished swimmer at the youth level and won a team state title in her senior year at Sacred Heart.

Cole laughed as he explained that their Mom, Camilla, has the least knowledge of the sport, but still contributes at meets. “She likes to tell my sisters to just look good on the block. She says it’s all about looking good.”

Up Next for the Bueses

Cincinnati St. Xavier vs. St. X, Saturday, Jan. 7. Racing begins at 2 p.m. in U of L’s Ralph Wright Natatorium.

Pannell Swim Shop/KHSAA State Swim Meet, Feb. 24-26, Ralph Wright Natatorium.

Contact columnist Chris Cahill at