Looking For Work?

Try these suggestions and strategies to find a new gig:

Make friends with Facebook.

Hone in on your career interest and hunker down in front of Facebook. The social networking behemoth has been a great, free tool for unemployed, aspiring fashion photographer Steve Squall. No matter what your specialty, you may find contacts, inspiration, and ideas.
“I’ve actually had days when I’ve spent 8 hours at the computer trying to find people I can network with on Facebook,” Squall said. If you don’t have your own computer, use the library.

Hit the library.

The Louisville Public Library Job Shop offers everything from resumé help to classes and computer access. The two locations featuring Job Shops are the Main Library, 301 York St., and Southwest Library, 10375 Dixie Highway. For more information, call 502.574.1723 or visit www.lfpl.org/jobshop.

Be enterprising.

Think of ways to use your professional skills in new ways and create a niche for yourself. “You have to just improvise and you have to change up what you’ve done in the past,” said Louisville TV host Tara Bassett. “You can’t always rely on being able to do what you’ve always done.”

Have a ready to go resume.

Even if you’re still employed, Rhonda Woody, branch manager for Manpower, strongly suggests having your resume ready to go. If you do lose your job, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and not have to stress about getting your CV together.

Be two-faced.

Focus on seeking two types of jobs at once, like job-seeker Casey Turner. “I’ve got two categories; survival jobs, like making sandwiches at (a pizza place), and career jobs, things that I’d like to do until I drop dead.”
You may want to make two different resumés; one highlighting your education and professional skills, and another emphasizing your retail and customer service experience.

Be a web-watcher.

There are numerous websites for local job-seekers, including louisvilleworks.com and lousvillehelpwanted.jobamatic.com. Create a profile and search for a wide variety of jobs. Find job fairs and more resources at http://louisville.jobnewsusa.com.