It’s Bottomless, Honey!

Brendan Evans’ journey from a child playing in the bush country of Zimbabwe to a U.S. citizen and successful businessman in Louisville...

On The Job

My business started as a hobby I loved and became very passionate about.

Sustainable Steals at Sassy Fox

Fast fashion brands may be great for a last-minute outfit, but many shoppers are turning towards solutions that are more environmentally conscious....

The Caring Community of Cabbage Patch

For some low-income Louisville families, the holidays are a source of worry since the expense of Christmas presents can put a severe...

Culinary Creativity

The creation of Bistro 1860 has transformed a turn-of-the-century, Mellwood Avenue farmhouse into a French-American fusion restaurant.

Finding Family

When one or both parents in a family are incarcerated, what happens to their children?

The Craft of the Perfect Gift

When searching for a holiday gift with an artistic touch, you may want to consider looking through the work of a talented...