On The Job

My business started as a hobby I loved and became very passionate about.

Sustainable Steals at Sassy Fox

Fast fashion brands may be great for a last-minute outfit, but many shoppers are turning towards solutions that are more environmentally conscious....

The Caring Community of Cabbage Patch

For some low-income Louisville families, the holidays are a source of worry since the expense of Christmas presents can put a severe...

Culinary Creativity

The creation of Bistro 1860 has transformed a turn-of-the-century, Mellwood Avenue farmhouse into a French-American fusion restaurant.

Finding Family

When one or both parents in a family are incarcerated, what happens to their children?

The Craft of the Perfect Gift

When searching for a holiday gift with an artistic touch, you may want to consider looking through the work of a talented...

The Key to Success

With the ever-rising popularity of Airbnb and other short-term rental outlets, the city is seeing more and more individuals decide to take...

Miles Ahead Music Is Perfectly in Tune

When Miles Davis started an instrument repair company in his basement in 1993, he couldn’t have known it would bloom into the...