5 Manly Albums… Written By Women

WFPK’s Kyle Meredith. Photo By CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune.

It was mainly men who dominated the world of rock ‘n’ roll back when the genre hit the air waves in the late 1940s.

But, since then, women have shattered the glass sound barrier, proving their soulful rock ballads and heavy metal anthems can hang with the best of the male rockstar population.

Kyle Meredith, host and producer of The Weekly Feed and music director for WFPK, has come to know and appreciate the female rock generation through his experience as a disc jockey. Here, he educates every male music lover on 5 manly albums written by the opposite sex. Take a look at the list, then go take a listen.

St. Vincent – Strange Mercy
Not only does Annie Clark redirect formulaic pop, but she’s one of the greatest living guitarists. We’re talking smokestack solos that fall somewhere between Prince (our greatest guitarist – no argument) and Brian Eno. Or, if you prefer to rage the way a Y chrome can, try out Krokodil, a one-off punk rip that will have you begging by the end of its two and a half minute blitzkrieg. Men want to be with her, women want to be her. Heck, men want to be her and women want to be with her. St. Vincent is coming dangerously close to controlling us all.

Sleater-Kinney – The Woods
Part of the original riot grrrls, The Woods is easily Sleater-Kinney’s most manly album, and their last. Full of pounding toms that are thicker than the humidity of a Kentucky July, all courtesy of Janet Weiss, a drummer that looks sweet in photos,  but who I would definitely not want to get in a bout of fisticuffs with. And with Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein continuously outdoing the other in riffs, screams and furrowed eyebrows, The Woods has the potential to blow those new speakers you just bought.

Florence + the Machine – Lungs
Start with Kiss With a Fist and you’ll understand that Flo is a girl that should not be wronged. Don’t cross her or she’ll not only set fire to your bed, but beat the crap out of you while doing so.  She’s also a master drinker, so while you’re looking for a bud to down some bourbon with, don’t bother calling your dude friends. Ms. Welch will drink you under the table … and then put you in a coffin once you’ve passed out. A true friend!

Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel…
Guys, use this one (or any of Apple’s LPs) to help you understand the girl you’re lying next to. She’s complex, she’s better than you, and she’s allowed to change her mind if she feels like it. Not only should this disc be used to channel your own inner tenderness, but also as a manual of ways not to F up.

Patti Smith – Outside Society
There are some girls who exude manliness, and while Patti Smith can run with whatever pack she wants, in the end she is simply one badass female. Don’t worry about your bro’s giving you any kind of guff.  The’ll be singing along to “Gloria,” “People Have the Power” and “Summer Cannibals,” tracks ripe for chest pounding and late night, drunken singalongs. And come on, we’re guys.  We LOVE air guitar. Blast track 9, “So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star.” Show off those chops.  The girls love it. Seriously.