March Madness At Holy Trinity

The Fish Fry Guys

For the Fryars, there’s no better time than March, when we get to enjoy fish, beer and hoops. This past weekend we hit the trifecta with our favorite teams and favorite foods all featured at Holy Trinity, where the Fryars celebrated March Madness with some great grub and cold beers.

Fish: Holy Trinity gets their cod from Masterson’s, hand-breads it and fries it under tents outside. Fryars’ reviews ranged from “very good” to “best,” and several complimented the baked fish. Not feeling a fish sandwich? Holy Trinity is the first to have oyster Po Boys, equally delicious.
Fryars’ Score: 4.5 fish

Sides/Desserts: The homemade mac n’ cheese is probably the best in the biz, and don’t leave unless you’ve tasted the shrimp. The Fryars longed for a larger dessert selection, but the Girl Scouts hooked it up with an array of cookies. The baked beans and cole slaw also deserve a shout out.
Fryars’ Score: 3.5 fish

Beverages: Holy Trinity features 16-ounce aluminum cans reasonably priced at $3 a pop. The Miller Lite Fryars were left disappointed, but they didn’t hesitate to choose from the Bud Light products, which were plentiful.
Fryars’ Score: 4 whole fish

Venue: Cafeteria seating was surprisingly easy. In a first, the Fryars were treated to live guitar music, and the young Fry-goer rocked it out. And speaking of hoops, the Fryars were also impressed with the well-organized 3-on-3 basketball tournament taking place in the gym, although some of us were disappointed there was an age limit for participants. For the record, the Fryars can still ball.
Fryars’ Score: 4 whole fish

Friendliness: The Fryars haven’t met many volunteers more easygoing than Holy Trinity’s, who greeted the Fryars with open arms. Father Mark is quick to give a handshake and engage conversation with his guests.
Fryars’ Score: 4 whole fish

Overall: Holy Trinity’s laid-back atmosphere coupled with delicious fish and big beers makes it a must-visit for Fry patrons. Without a doubt one of this year’s most enjoyable Frys.
Fryars’ Score: 3.5 fish

Next week the Fryars will visit St. Agnes in the Highlands, 1920 Newburg Road, to test their Fry swag, and they look forward to enjoying more fish, beer and hoops as the Madness rolls on.