Great Brew And Bites At St. Agnes

The Fish Fry Guys

With St. Matthews, Shively, the East End and Portland all under the belt, the Fryars took the 2013 Challenge to the Highlands to visit St. Agnes. In a neighborhood known for – among other things – great brew and great bites, expectations were high as the Fryars rolled in. And St. Agnes lived up to the hype!

Fish: St. Agnes serves its Hungry Pelican-style fish on your choice of bread. Reasonably priced and a good sized piece of cod.
Fryars’ Score: 4 whole fish

Sides/Desserts: The Fryars love breaded peppers, deep fried, oozing with cheese – St. Agnes keeps the jalapeno poppers poppin’. They also do onion rings better than most, and the mac and cheese is world class. Homemade cupcakes are a must for those of you with a sweet tooth.
Fryars’ Score: 3.5 fish

Beverages: With Oatmeal Stout, Falls City, Sterling and Miller Lite all on draft, St. Agnes’ beer selection rivals that of their St. Raphael neighbors. Fryars were disappointed that the specialty kegs were floatin’ before they had dinner. So if you’re thirsty, come early.
Fryars’ Score: 3 whole fish

Venue: The wait was surprisingly short at the full house at St. Agnes. The cozy cafeteria was the perfect set up for the crowd at hand. For you sports fanatics, there was plenty to do in the parking lot, where they threw the grade-schoolers a couple of balls and let them go to work.
Fryars’ Score: 3.5 fish

Friendliness: In perhaps the Play of the Year, when the kegs were tapped a St. Agnes volunteer came through with a case of High Life for Fry patrons. There’s not much better than an ice cold “champagne of beers” to wash down a fish dinner. The locals were as well-versed in their brew as they were the fish, and were impressed with tales of the Fryars’ ventures afar.
Fryars’ Score: 4 whole fish

Overall: If you love cold micro brew as much as you do a fish sandwich, St. Agnes is the place for you. Come hungry, thirsty and early, and you’ll be glad you did. You can thank us later.
Fryars’ Score: 3.5 fish

The last week of the 2013 Fish Fry Challenge will find the Fryars at Guardian Angels, 6000 Preston Highway, where the legend of their world-famous fish travels across the county. We’ll see if the hype is warranted!