Cold Beer And A Warm Welcome At St. Margaret Mary

The Fish Fry Guys

The Fryars were treated to a long night of fish and beer at St. Margaret Mary, where a Fry party never stops. The Mustangs met the Fryars with open arms – and more importantly, open beers – and an enthusiasm matching their St. Patty’s rivals. But Friday, March 1 was not St. Patrick’s Day; it belonged to the Mustangs of SMM, where the Fryars got down on some ol’ fashioned grub n’ pub during an epic fry.

Fish: If you like Moby Dick, you’ll like SMM. By all accounts, the fried beats the baked, but we don’t call ourselves the “baked” fish guys. Very crispy and extra points for the bottles of Frank’s Hot Sauce available.
Fryars’ Score: 4 whole fish

Sides/Desserts: Do yourself a favor and get a bowl of SMM New England Clam Chowder. The Fryars loved the Graeter’s ice cream, but what separates SMM from the rest is its vast array of beer, including everything from Red Stripe to Bud Light Lime to Michelob Ultra. But the coolest drink of the night was served from “Patrick’s Lemonade Stand,” where students sell lemonade to raise funds for an ill classmate.
Fryars’ Score: 4.5 fish

Friendless: There’s not much more fun than a “can the Fish Fry Guys get a ‘hell yeah’? ” chant, but anything more than a couple shouts-out is never necessary. We don’t think anybody parties harder than the Mustangs, who love their cold beer as much as their fish.
Fryars’ Score: 5 whole fish

Venue: Nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned, grade school gym Fish Fry, which SMM provides. We simple-minded Fryars were confused by the order first, wrap-around line that is the system, but somehow figured it all out before we ordered. Would love to see the food before we order, said several.
Fryars’ Score: 3.5 fish

Overall: The great food, cold beer and sweet desserts aside – if that’s possible – the Fryars’ real love for SMM is the camaraderie the parishioners show each other and the welcome to every guest. Best of all is the way they help each other, and if you have the good fortune of joining a SMM Fry, you’ll see firsthand the way the Mustangs rally for a good cause. We were glad we were able to take part for a Friday!
Fryars’ Score: 4 whole fish

See The Fish Fry Guys next at St. Lawrence, 1925 Lewiston Drive.