The Spotlight: Carla Terwilleger

Carla Terwilleger.

Carla Terwilleger.

Earlier this year, Carla Terwilleger and her honey Dan Cerwinske left the beaches of sunny Southern California for the Bluegrass State and wound up back in Louisville – just in time for Derby.

The artist – who is best known as Twiggy – has made a name for painting fabulous femmes along with birds and other colorful subjects.

Her works have been featured in more than 30 exhibits and several major publications. To date, more than 2,000 original pieces have been sold, including multiple large commissions, and most recently she has created a line of prints, sold exclusively at Regalo in Louisville.

We caught up with the effervescent artist and convinced her to stop long enough for a few questions.

Who is Twiggy?
Twiggy is a lifestyle. She is confident and daring; always the first to don the latest fashions and never waits in line for a cocktail. She’s fierce and fun and able to glam up at a moment’s notice. She’s inspirational and aspirational and lives her life out loud. Someone once told me I “paint the life people want to live” and I think that’s spot-on.

When did you start producing Twiggy Originals?
In 1999. Now the brand has extended to Twiggy Bridal and Twiggy Baby.

What or who is your inspiration?
Gorgeous women and high-end fashion.

What do you love most about Derbytime?
The energy, fashions and overall celebration of Louisville.

We have to ask: What are you wearing to Derby?
Navy and white polkadots and a killer gold fascinator by Kenzie Kapp –

Contact Carla
Twitter: @ctwiggy
Instagram: @twiggyoriginals