In Loving Memory of Luke Rucker 2002 – March 27, 2012

Luke was a Black Labrador Retriever born near Hodgenville, Ky. and raised in Louisville. He was named for a favorite college basketball player of the time. Luke was a loyal companion who loved going on walks and jogs around the neighborhood. He lived a quiet life in the suburbs where he enjoyed the company of Lola, an English bulldog who lived behind him, and visits with Jake, Churchill, and Claire, his dog friends next door. Luke loved his frequent trips to Nolin Lake where he would swim, explore the woods, and often get treated to Grandma’s bacon drippings poured over his dog food as well as other table scraps, which he wasn’t accustomed to at home.

Obedient and fiercely protective, Luke always wanted to be near the family. He enjoyed car rides, TV nights with family, napping in the sun, and rolling around in the snow. Luke will be missed by his family: Mike, Shanna, Reagan, Rhett, and Reece, as well as Gracie and Timothy, the family cats.