The Bearded Brigade

Ahh, the beard. For centuries, men have attempted to perfect this measure of manhood, determined by one’s ability – or lack thereof – to grow hair upon the face.

While there is debate as to whether their female counterparts appreciate the appearance of chin fur, most dudes seem to adore the natural facial accessory and the process it takes to cultivate it – at least on occasion.

From tangled tufts to groomed goatees, oversized muttonchops and five o’ clock shadows, guys love their peach fuzz so much so that one man, Austin Lunn (pictured lower right corner), sought to honor the flocculent feature.

“In addition to wearing this masterpiece on my face everywhere I go, I am the founder and president of the Derby City Whisker Club, formerly The Greater Louisville Society of Bearded Gentlemen,” Lunn said. “We are an upstart whisker club and hope to become actively involved in competitive bearding on a regional and national scale within the next 6-12 months, possibly sending members to the World Beard and Moustache Championship.”

One need only be interested to join the club, found on Facebook, and no person of any age, gender, race, nationality or variance of hairiness shall be discriminated against by the group.

Here, we shine a light on the many varieties of beards and the men who rock their bristles best.