One Stop Shop for Event Glam

Owner Bruce Reynolds. (Photo by Tim Valentino.)

By Emily Gahafer  |  Fashion & Beauty

There are events happening in Louisville year round from the Derby to galas and everything in between. Local ladies are always in need of a fresh haircut and style with an outfit to match, but it’s a tall order running from salon to store and making it to an event on time. That’s where Bruce Reynolds, owner of Salon Bacco, comes in.

Salon Bacco is a full service AVEDA salon on Bardstown Road with an on-trend boutique located in the back of the building. This concept allows Reynolds to offer clients everything they need for their event or even just a way to pass the time while their color processes.

Reynolds typically sources clothing for the boutique from Chicago. Each year he attends a large showcase of designers from all over the country.

“I’ve always thought that women in Louisville have very good style, but we don’t have New York pocket books here,” he said. “So I try to find things that are not so trendy that they are going to go out of style, but have enough trend to them and enough appeal that they are going to last a couple of seasons. Also, at a price point that people can afford.”

He typically only stocks six of each piece and does not reorder, making his pieces unique.

Reynolds grew up at Rough River Lake in Breckinridge, Kentucky, where he frequented his aunt’s hometown salon, which closely resembled Truvy’s in “Steel Magnolias.”

“When I was a little boy I would get off of the bus at my aunt’s salon.,“ he said. “I would just sit under the hood dryer and do my homework because I wasn’t supposed to hear what the ladies were talking about.”

After graduating high school, Reynolds moved to Louisville, did a short stint in Los Angeles, and came back here where he studied art at the University of Louisville. He always saw hair design as an art form and envisioned himself being a hair stylist one day.

“There was a situation that happened at Capital Holding [where I worked] and they were doing something called opting out where you got a package to leave,” he said. “So I took it and went to hair school and have been doing it ever since.”

After finishing cosmetology school, Reynolds began his career at Hair Strobel on Frankfort Avenue. He says Owner Billy Strobel played a huge part in his success as a hair stylist. After working under Strobel, Reynolds and his business partner opened their first salon.

Six years later, he was ready to open an independent salon, Salon Bacco.

“When I was in college I was broke so I would walk up and down Bardstown Road just to have something to do,” he said. “I used to stand in the window [of what is now Salon Bacco] and think I want to have a shop there someday. I don’t know what kind of shop, but I’m going to have a shop there one day.”

Salon Bacco has been open for 15 years and is hugely successful. Business has been booming due to the clever salon/boutique fusion concept.

“It’s a funny thing about success,” Reynolds said, “I don’t think that you know it when you’re in it and I don’t think that you know what it is when you don’t have it. I appreciate being successful, but I didn’t get here alone.” VT

Salon Bacco

1121 Bardstown Road


  • Melissa Vella

    Fantastic Salon! Yeah, Bruce (and Glynnis and Travis)!

  • Terrie Fentress

    So proud of you Bruce!! Do you think you can do anything to this old lady to make her pretty?? It would be a challenge!! Love you 😙

  • Bobbie Day

    I have known Bruce since he was a cute lil boy (still is cute). I am so excited for you. I told my sister Terrie about 2months ago that we should come and see you. I NEED a new me!

  • Pam Fentress Hart

    Love you Bruce! So very proud of you….

  • Vickie Wuest Harris

    Congrats Bruce! We always knew you had great style!