Fashion View: Susan Sweeney Crum

The Chic Sheet

Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

What is your fashion view?

Fashion is knowing what to wear and how to wear it. In other words, knowing what looks good on you, and knowing what complements your style is what fashion is all about. It’s not necessarily about being a slave to the latest trends.

How do you describe your style?

I’m not sure that I have a certain style. However, I do like classic pieces and anything that is tailored. Most of the trends that I see nowadays seem to be geared toward a younger client, and I do not think I can pull most of them off! Why weren’t “skinny jeans” popular when I was actually young and skinny!? I mostly go for comfort, but I like to keep my look appropriate as well.

What are your favorite pieces?  

(My husband) Denny gave me a pair of jeans for Christmas that I really like, so I wear jeans more than I used to. I also bought a pair of black, sandal-style heels late last summer for fun, and I like to wear them when I dress up, or with jeans when I am going out. In fact, Denny’s a great shopper, so I like to wear a lot of the clothes that he buys for me!

Where is your favorite place to shop? 

I like to go to Ann Taylor or Ann Taylor Loft, because I can be sure that the clothes will fit me. I also like a good bargain, but I’m not a good shopper. Unfortunately, thrift shops or places like Stein Mart are hard for me to shop at, because I need everything to be organized and easy to find when I am looking around.

Who is your fashion icon, and why? 

I like Audrey Hepburn’s style because she was classic and timeless, and not so much about trends.

How has your profession affected your style? 

For 16 years I worked in television news, so what I wore to work needed to also look good on the air. Now that I am working on the radio, I can be more comfortable, but I still need to dress appropriately for work. It has been about finding that balance. I love that I can wear blue jeans to work, but I also look professional and put-together while doing so.

Miranda Rogers McDonald is the author of When Miranda isn’t blogging about fashion or flexing her social media muscle, she is spending time with her husband and feisty Chihuahua, Niles. She believes in celebrating the smaller things in life, such as good wine and food, an interesting book and sitting on patios while enjoying conversations with her closest friends. She strives to one day join the ranks of the fashion editors that she idolizes, and to show the world that a girl from Kentucky knows a little something about style.