Fashion View: Kevin Yates & Katie Kelty

Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune.

Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune.

The Chic Sheet

What inspired you to create Bourbon Built?
Katie: Kevin and I have been bouncing ideas off each other for several years, and we both knew we wanted to work together. One day, Kevin pitched the name Bourbon Built. I was immediately struck by the name, so we set out to create a brand that could live up to such a strong name.

What do you think sets Bourbon Built apart from other local clothing brands?
Kevin: The bourbon industry has profoundly shaped Louisville and Kentucky over the past 200 years. We wanted to establish a brand that celebrated the legacy of bourbon and its evolving culture.

What is your fashion view?
Katie: Presentation and comfort. If you are well put-together, you will feel good about yourself.
Kevin: Fashion is an art form. Some people claim they are not concerned with fashion, but rather style. However, I think fashion allows you to construct your own style.

How is your fashion view reflected in the designs you create for Bourbon Built?
Katie: The shirts we choose are comfortable and versatile. They can be worn with jeans to a football game or paired with a sweater or jacket for a night out on the town. Whether it’s our prints or our clothing, we want our products to be well-designed and reasonably priced.
Kevin: Bourbon is a powerful fashion inspiration. Thinking of bourbon can take your mind from hard-working men and women on the frontier to Don Draper in a well-tailored suit, drinking an Old-Fashioned. We draw from that wide breadth of imagery and culture as we create our designs.

What is on the horizon for Bourbon Built?
Katie: We are just getting started and having a blast. We are excited about spring/summer, and we will be offering a new line of products. You can find our products at Gifthorse in NuLu, 15 Ounce Premium Denim in St. Matthews, Consider Boutique in the Highlands and online at
Kevin: Our products are now also available at Acorn Apparel in the Highlands and Cartwheels in St. Matthews.

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