Fun With Fitness

Everyone knows how easy it is to fall out of the fitness routine. Once the New Year’s and Lent resolutions are wearing off, lots of people lose the motivation to keep going. So, why not cash in on the momentum of Derby and restart your resolve to get fit with these five tips? Your ultimate goal: to get back on track and have fun with fitness.

Acquire Accessories

Everyone loves new stuff.  This year I bought a new bike – and I rode twice as much as I normally would.  Get some new workout clothes, shoes or heart rate monitor watch. Then put them to use.

Turn It Up

Who doesn’t like cranking it to the “Rocky” soundtrack? Imagine the last mile of your run and you see a monster set of stairs and the theme song “Eye of the Tiger” comes on.  How much harder are you going to run the steps? Maybe Rocky doesn’t motivate you. So find out what music does. Then, create a play list on your iPod and start cranking it.

Get Out There

Take your workout outside.  We have been fortunate enough this year to have an amazing spring.  Grab some exercise bands and take your workout outside. Your neighbors will watch you in envy. OK, they may wonder what you’re doing, but that may compel them to get outside themselves, and that, just being outdoors, gets us engaged in physical activity. Play with the kids in the backyard, walk your dog or jog in the park. Another major benefit to being outside is the absorption of Vitamin D, which prevents osteoporosis, depression, cancer, and even can positively affect diabetes and obesity.

Challenge Yourself

Two different challenges I like are the 100 Day Challenge and the Age Challenge.  In both cases, pick an exercise that you either enjoy or one that you think you need to do more of but don’t really enjoy.  In the 100 Day Challenge, begin day one with 1 rep of the exercise.  On day two, do 2 reps, day three you perform 3 and so on. In the Age Challenge, you pick an exercise and perform the number of reps equal to your age every day. The older you get the stronger you’ll get.

Be Accountable

Get a group of friends together who all want to be healthier or just plain feel better.  Download the app Endomondo to your phone.  You can log and track all of your exercises  You can also invite your friends to view your progress and vice versa.  The next time you’re out on a run, all of your friends who are linked up can view how far you went and how long it took you. Best part, the app is designed for all types of exercises, not just running.

Find Your Fun

Look for reasons to get fit that combine fun with fitness, friends and philanthropy. You’re less likely to back out if you cover every base – and those are four great reasons right there.

One of my favorites is an upcoming event at ProFormance Fitness. Join us on Saturday, May 12, from 10 a.m. to noon for Zumba for a Cause. A suggested $10 donation gets you on the Zumba dance floor and there will also be a silent auction.

All proceeds go to the Kids Center, which provides services to kids with developmental delays and disabilities. The center serves infants through young adults. Attend and you can get that much closer to your fitness goal while helping us raise money for an excellent organization.

ProFormance is located at 2041-A River Road in Louisville. For more information, call 502.895.3472 or go to