YPAL’s Toast to 20

The Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL) celebrated its 20th anniversary at Old Forester Distilling Co. on the evening of May 29.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Katie Long, Hannah Lobdell and Cammie King.

  • Kellie Money and Marianna Michael.

  • Candace Jaworski and Amy Higgs.

  • Eric Maldini, Nathan Shanks, Laura Nunnelley, Hunter T. Ellington and Gary Spence.

  • Chelsea Adams and Nick Sherek.

  • Shelby Sullivan and Caitlyn Hulls.

  • Dan Ashby and Kyle Irvin.

  • Gina Solomos and Erin Harbeson.

  • Mike Moll and Nathan Shanks.

  • Chris Spalding, Nishea Foley Sipley and Donnie Coakley.

  • Jocelyn Hankins, Morgan Tarala, and Kaitlyn Cummins.

  • Susan Donovan and Ron Oliver.

  • Sara Pettingill, Ph. D. and Michael Stull.

  • Jean Scott, Tray Cockerell, Rebecca Weis and Abbie Gilbert.

  • Amy Mattingly and Andrew Clark.

  • John Mark Hummel, Ashley Kraus and Rickey Stephens.

  • Todd Schmiedeler, Mayor Greg Fischer, Christy Ames and Janet Lively.

  • Logan and Ashley Mast with Geoff White.

  • Nicole Moyer and Bill Landenwich.

  • Westley Vance, Braxton Dewey and Sunny Patel.

  • Donnie Coakley, Nishea Foley Sipley, Christine Vaughan and Liz Hack.

  • Todd Schmiedeler, Emma Gimbel and Christy Ames.

  • Jeff Weller and Ryan Underwood.

  • Jocelyn Hankins and Gabrielle Miller.