Work the Metal Derby Fashion Show

Locals took part in a night of food, fashion and fun at Work the Metal’s third annual Derby Fashion Show on April 12. Models showed off the latest looks for spring and Derby season, and guests shopped from the store’s massive selection. A portion of the event’s proceeds went to Scarlet’s Bakery, which strives to employ, equip and empower women who come from backgrounds of abuse and exploitation.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Emma and Anna Bussabarger.

  • Sharon Goodlett, Lauren Goralski, Joan Gagel and Ivan Bailen.

  • Brooklynn Roller and Landry Feldmeier.

  • Amy Martin, Stacy Neely and Lori Woodward.

  • Nick and Mallory Henson.

  • Staphanie Guess and Nicole Fitzpatrick.

  • Tristan Harless and Steve Brandt.

  • Desire and Renea Ford.

  • Taylor and Ashley Grider with Sam Bauman.

  • Joanne Cruz and Tia Mao.

  • Nicole Yates and Alicia Joos.

  • Barbara Price, Ruby Fitzer, Chelsea Price and Marylou Fitzer.

  • Judy Fowler and Tracy Abney.

  • Ronda Mullins, Regina Kessinger, Chac Boman, Kathy Robinson and Julia Campisano.

  • Hannah Gribbins and Elizabeth Brand.

  • Bernetta White, Leah Halston, Sylvia Southers and Cee Douglas.

  • Andy Blieden with McKenzie, Vicky and Nick Peay.

  • Amy Feldmeier and Misty Roller.

  • Luther Pierson and Renea Ford.

  • Laila and Shahrzad Javid.

  • Laila and Shahrzad Javid.

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