Wobbe Party

Courtney and Bill Wobbe celebrated the Breeders’ Cup World Championships with friends at their home on the evening of Nov. 2.

Photos by John H. Harralson Jr.

  • Jody and P. A. Howard, and Bill and Courtney Wobbe.

  • Steve Scott, Rich Lechletter, Ray Stoess Jr. and Thomas Wobbe.

  • The band, Radio Tronic.

  • Gwen Tilton and Mike Spoelkor.

  • Liz and Jackson Andrews.

  • Missy Burge and Scott and Ruthie Reid.

  • Courtney Ishmael, Farley Haralson and Stacey McGuinn.

  • Patrick and Rhonda Thompson.

  • Courtney Theuer, Steve Bass and Sharon and Jack Haire.

  • Bob Rice, Bill Wobbe, Bill Cole and Nick Phelps.

  • Patricia McCullough and John and Cindy Harralson.

  • Patricia McCullough and Luis Bouza.

  • Scott and Ruthie Reid.

  • Ben and Laura Talbott.

  • Ben and Laura Talbott.

  • Gary Drake, Scot Stirton and Dana and Bill Faulkner.

  • Kristen and Chris Taft.

  • John and Lindsey Hundley.

  • Kristen and Hunter Wilson.

  • Lisa and Tom Austin.