Wine Women & Shoes Committee Reception

The dedicated committee members of Wine Women & Shoes benefiting Family Scholar House met at Churchill Downs on the evening of Jan. 29. At the reception, ladies showed off their fabulous footwear and got to know this year’s Shoe Guys. Wine Women & Shoes will take place at the Henry Clay on the evening of March 1.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Lyndsey Taylor, Cate Darmstadt and Angie Corbett.

  • Lauren Ghanavatian and Kristyn Hayes.

  • Patrice McGhee and Stacey Kleinman.

  • Alexandra Hepfinger, Remy Sisk and Tonya Abeln.

  • Diane Jackson and Brittany Martin.

  • Abby Johnston, Katie Johnston and Kate Brackett.

  • Diane Jackson and Brittany Martin.

  • Angie Evans, Kenzie Robinson, Liz Bingham and Laura Snyder.

  • Deborah Williams and Mindy Sunderland.

  • Remy Sisk, Ryan Lee Edwards, Kellie Johnston and Jeff Moore.

  • Vicki Dortch, Melanie Cook and Kellie Johnston.

  • The Aetna Group.

  • Cate Darmstadt and Karen Casi.

  • Lesa Seibert, Melanie Cook and Tiffany Cardwell.

  • Melanie Cook, Lori Dawkins and Tiffany Cardwell.

  • Emily Maier and Stephanie Schmiedeler.