Wine Women & Shoes

Family Scholar House’s fabulous annual fundraiser took place at the Henry Clay on the evening of March 1. Guests sipped fine wines, savored delicious bites and shopped for designer fashions throughout the evening. During the night’s elaborate fashion show, Shoe Guys, models and Family Scholar House graduates showed off a variety of styles from Von Maur.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Lisa McIlvain, Debbie Eberenz and Shelly Dooley.

  • Kelsey Jones, Cathe Dykstra and Emma Hutchens.

  • Shoe Guy Ben Smock with Cathe Dykstra.

  • Aleisha Hamilton, Mindy Funderland and Devan Trenkamp.

  • Cathe Dykstra and her Katy Perry pumps.

  • Kelsey Sutton, Allison Spears, Elizabeth Seewer and Mary Baker.

  • The Voice's Liz Bingham and Laura Snyder with WLKY's Vicki Dortch prepare to announce the winner of Best in Shoe.

  • Laura Pruniski and Allison Allison.

  • Karen Casi takes a victorious walk on the runway after winning Best in Shoe.

  • The Voice's Liz Bingham and Laura Snyder present the Best in Shoe award to Karen Casi.

  • Jourdan Moore, Natalie Blankenbaker and Ashley Satterfield.

  • Tonya Abeln with Churchill Downs and Vicki Dortch with WLKY prepare to announce the Key-to-the-Closet raffle winner.

  • Tonya Abeln with Churchill Downs and Vicki Dortch with WLKY present the Key-to-the-Closet to raffle winner Hilary Mattingly.

  • Hilary Matingly celebrates winning the Key-to-the-Closet raffle.

  • Hilary Mattingly and Cathe Dykstra.

  • The Von Maur Ladies.

  • Anna Fernandez and Lyuda Fisher.

  • Sarah Fisher, Kara Dischinger and Samantha Renschler.

  • Sarah Fisher, Kara Dischinger and Samantha Renschler show off their kicks for the evening.

  • Brittany Black, Jan Louden and Janna Woodfort.

  • Julie Bowie, Emily Digenis, Lynda Spielberg and Deena Neimat.

  • Tiffany Williams, Candace Hobbs, Kelley Singletary, Yolanda Allen and Dana Singletary.

  • Kathleen Reed and Eileen Saunders.

  • Vicki Montgomery and Lydia Kotowski.

  • Suzy Gillis, Jessica Hardin and Sherry Bowman.

  • Maria Sturgeon, Tracy Redmon and Colleen Nawab.

  • Lakeisha James, Patty Johnson, Julie Ballard, Gretchen Miliken and Shoe Guy Rudy Spencer.

  • Brenda Allen and Kristen Hedgespeth.

  • Ryan Bernard and Kristen Hedgespeth.

  • Maggie King and Madeline Gmelin.

  • Nancy Weber Grove, Rebecca Brown and Karen Casi.

  • Susan Miller, Sierra Davis and Melanie Cook.

  • Michelle Blandford, Andrea Combs-McGaha, Shoe Guy Michael Buckman, Brooke Cahill and Janet Buckman.

  • Katie Johnston and Paige Leaver.

  • Taylor and Julie Long with Rhonda Rhodes and Kim Tobin.

  • Claire Coulter, Mary Ewing, Erin Moss, Maureen Minogue, Christina Abney and Kelly Abney.

  • Terri Bass, Emily Digenis, Judge Jessica Moore, Tara Hagerty and Kathy Hinkebein.

  • Tricia Fox, Marsha Blacker and Laura Snyder.

  • Kathy Pleasant Merritt and Carolle Jones Clay.

  • Kendall Merrick and Holly Brockman-Johnson.

  • Jacqueline Gilmore, Jessica Clines, Patti Seitz, Lesa Buckler, Christa Rose and Meg Whayne.

  • Adam Hall, Amy Letke and Daniel Gilvin.

  • Adam Hall, Amy Letke and Daniel Gilvin show off their shoes.

  • Gretchen Martin, Marty Latter, Rachel Park, Cary Ricketts, Harriet Wearren and Karen Graehler.

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