Wine Women & Shoes

A good time was had by all at Family Scholar House’s annual fundraiser at the Henry Clay on March 6. Wine Women & Shoes featured fine wines, designer fashions, delicious bites, a stellar fashion show and incredible auction items. Proceeds from Wine Women & Shoes allow Family Scholar House to change lives and transform our community by empowering individuals to succeed in education, end the cycle of poverty and achieve life-long self-sufficiency.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington and Andrea Hutchinson

  • Lesa Seibert, Melanie Cook and Vicki Dortch.

  • Vicki Dortch's shiniest shoes of the evening.

  • Debbie Roberson, Rhonda Dockery, Vicky Weber, Cathe Dykstra, Jill Bell, Trish Osborn and Carolle Jones Clay.

  • Mary Putman and Sylvia Tamez.

  • Robin Heuke, Deb Clary and Maddie Heuke.

  • Jessica Schellenberger and Tara Denham.

  • Megan App and Jordan Hocker.

  • Jamie Weyland and Mariah Gratz.

  • Blanche Brooks, Monette Washington, Randi Carter and Aliyah Powell.

  • Chris Whelan, Eileen Saunders and Amanda Chambers.

  • Dina Bischof, Dianne Jackson, Lisa Klapheke and Debbie Meng.

  • Kat Elliott, Meghan Rouse and Julia Ray.

  • Hannah Robb, Molly Jett, Leah Hazelwood and Gia Combs.

  • Susie Ades-Pomerance and Julia Carstanjen.

  • Lori Mathis, Courtnay Greenberg, Molly Kurto and Bridget McCauley with GE Appliances.

  • Rachael Givens and Deena Ombres.

  • Sunday Abell, Angela French-Coles and Alyce French- Johnson.

  • Jenny Overfield, Lucy Roth and Shelly Bringardner.

  • Cathy Shircliff, Katrina Miller and Tori Gatewood.

  • Alan Willinger, Oksana Zhurbich, Terri Bass, Angela Kerrick-Nusky and Matt Arnold.

  • Rebecca Weis and Ann Marie Maldini.

  • Kim Keith, Eden Bridgeman and Janelle Russell.

  • Jill Bell and Trish Osborn.

  • Sarah Provancher and Emily Digenis.

  • Melissa Bragg, Alecia Wells and Kara Dischinger.

  • Dr. Patrice McGhee, Latoya Bryant, Candace Gurley and Chandra Dorsette.

  • Lindsey Murray, Carol Doering and Jessica Hardin.

  • Gina Del Negro, Lee Middendorf and Theresa Defilippis.

  • Brandy Lunsford and Lauren Anderson.

  • Janice Carter Levitch and Maria Pollard.

  • Elizabeth Hoskins, Madeline Chadwick, Greta Guzman and Jahna Lindsay-Jones.

  • Lauren Anderson, Janice Carter Levitch, Janna Flowers and Brandy Lunsford.