Wine Night at KMAC

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

KMAC Museum’s director Aldy Milliken hosted a Wine Night at the museum on July 18, providing people with a chance to unwind, socialize and sip on some wine after the work day. This fun event also showcased the museum’s current exhibit, “Spin: Turning Records Into Art,” a collection demonstrating how vinyl album covers have become an art form of their own, independent from the albums they protect.

  • Cooper Robertson, Jane Benner and Lorie Davenport.

  • Kris Pettit and Julia Comer.

  • Lucie and Stacy Brooks with Suzette Miguel and Angela Hagan.

  • Chris Welsh, Joey Yates and Aldy Milliken.

  • Aldy Milliken and Tracie Catlett with Lucie and Stacy Brooks.

  • Sally Estes and Tonya Coleman.

  • Maria Schweichler, Tracie Catlett and Mary Easterling.

  • Miles and Brittany Harvey with Katie Ryser.

  • Kris Pettit, Joey Yates, Chris Welsh and Monalisa Tailor.

  • KMAC Executive Director Aldy Milliken.

  • KMAC Curator Joey Yates talks about Nathan Hayden's piece at the museum.

  • Stephanie Robertson, John Speiden, Melanie McCoy and Emily Easterling.

  • Theresa Carpenter Beames, Sally Estes and Tonya Coleman.

  • Theresa Carpenter Beames, Robert Bertrand, Tracie Catlett and Christina Carter.