Wigs on Tap

On Oct. 3, Gilda’s Club Associate Board’s signature fundraiser took place at Play Louisville.

Photos by Tim Valentino

  • Sheri Trout, Kimberlie Thompson, Lori Mangum, Krista Rigling and Maggie Hartnett.

  • Grace Pace, Julee Mian and Braden Pace.

  • Danielle Cory, Denise Cory, Eric Eifler and Andrew Nunn.

  • Paul Ehlinger and Carolina Caldera.

  • Henry and Lynn Sanders, Joe Main, Kathi Hochstrasser, Brian and Rita Main and Will Sanders.

  • April Coffman, Chelsea Raff, Jessica Carner and Leah Walton.

  • Noah and Kash Barkeley.

  • Leia and Martin Spickard.

  • Gilda Wabbit.

  • Dianna Ray and Sheryl Webb.

  • Gilda Wabbit.

  • Devan Winger.

  • Catherine Banks and Jonathan Raley.

  • Jordan Means and Janel Colepaugh.

  • Tammy Colon and Makenzie Fisher.

  • Lindsay Cordes, Tara Ward and Megan Keane.

  • Lindsay Cordes, Tara Ward and Megan Keane.

  • Chelsea and Jason Raff and Leah Walton.

  • Zoe and Kyle Cook.

  • Amy and Alex Kandel.

  • Jarad Key, Christian Bowles and Lisa Petry.

  • Noah Snow and Diana Duran.

  • Caroline South, Grady Nutt, Bradley Bringardner and Elly Price.

  • Megan Anderies and Stephanie Davalos.

  • Survivor Amanda McGlaun and Warrior Misty Aubrey.