One of the region’s largest international festivals, WorldFest, celebrated its 13th anniversary with four days of food, music, culture, dance and education from around the world. The free festival, held on the Belvedere at Fifth and Main Street, explores and celebrates the diverse cultures of Louisville, Mayor Greg Fischer describes on the city government’s website. There are more than 90 languages spoken in Louisville’s public schools, and 50 percent of the city’s population growth the last 15 years comes from international residents.

Photos by BILL WINE | Contributing Photographer

Janet Rindler, Sue Drees and Pam Stucke.Kearra Downs and Taylor Yager.Paula Gudger and Bill Driver.Claire and Jonathan Renner.WorldFest.Justine, John and Liz Dugger.\Eric and Claire Sinnott.Marca Smith and Jill Hines.Liza Paniccia, Paul Pel and Eric Keeney.Dancing was enjoyed by many.Mayor Greg Fischer and Guy Tedesco.These women enjoyed dancing shoeless on the grass.Harrison Glauber and Emmy Polichetti.Jerry and Mimi Sims.Downtown Louisville hovered over the venue.Kevin Sivils.Jim and Kerema Benson.Sundara Mani and Natasha Miller displayed their colorful drinks.Andy Sweeney and Niki Mallory.Holly Ward and Jessica Payne.Wilma and Theodore O\'Bannon.Tony and Chantay Wickliffe.Lauren, Josh and Waylond Dell.Andy and Jeanette Westbrook.Andre and Latoyia Lackey, Brandi Hill.WorldFest.