Louisville Bats Fireworks Extravaganza

The Louisville Bats hosted a fireworks extravaganza on Slugger Field on July 3. (The fireworks were produced by Zambelli.) It was a fitting conclusion to the contest against the Columbus Clippers.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Jack Hawkins, Cheyne Fischer, Alex Orenczuk and Brady St. Denis.Laura Edwards, Kathy Veith and Summer Thompson.Oakland Bulldogs from Rochester, MI.Katie, Skyler, Mindy and Nick Meurer.Nolan Ruhs and Tori Rogers.David, Heather and Will Dratva.Jordan Arthur and Skyler Rizer.Michael, Rachel and Amber Gardner and Kathy Davis.Caasi and Caysen Robertson.Maria Benton, AlejandraEsparza and Eliza Gallegos.Christy and Rich Plank and Missy and Raidel Estevez.Jamal Knott.Rain delay.Kenzie, Ben and Levi Hurst and Jo, Sosten and Leecil Rivale.Emma and Patrick Cody, Claire Carrico, Drew Cody, Jade Lewenhaupt and Michi Cody.Retirement party for Col. Tim Cody of the U.S. Army.Brock, Jim and Grant Hamilton.Sheila Jones and Emily and Katherine Burks.Eric and Lyndsi Shepard and Joshua and Lauren Wimsatt.Rain delay.