Cabo Wabo Coat Party

The 22nd annual Cabo Wabo Coat Party on Jan. 10, at the Mellwood Arts Center managed to both impress and to raise the bar on every Cabo Wabo event to date. Guests partied to the tunes of The Crashers. This year, proceeds benefited Down Syndrome of Louisville, and new and gently used coats were collected at the door for St. Vincent de Paul, a Christian charity for the poor and the homeless.

The Crashers.The Crashers.The Crashers.The Crashers.The Crashers.Susan Hovekamp and Lauren Adams.Paige Greenwell, Janet Lutes and Maria Mazzali.The Crashers.Don Wurm and Chrissy Duvall.Chad Loy, Lavonne Cottrell, Dawn Manor, Gary Manor, Mary Ellen Kinser, Jim Kinser, Rob Zaring and Jeff Inwood.Gary and Allison Hirsch.Meg Wilburn and Andy Blair.Kim Moxley, Shane DeSpain,Kim Moxley, Shane and David DeSpain, Jolie Crawford and Christine Gupton.Angela Gatlin and Suzi Collins.Brian Lykins and Danielle Cole.Laurie, Stephanie and Paul Wicker.Kelly Childers and Pat Masterson.Sandra Guizio, Susan Riehl-Bermann, Johnna Craig, Jaime Aalen, Laura Medford and Mike Ballard.Sharon and Mike Cundiff.Cheryl Wills, Kate Brabandt and Allyson Crews.Charles Orndorff and Gretchen Stahl.Glenn Gail and Tina Thomas.Liz Percival and Julie Broghamer.Jackie Rogers, Tracy Jesse, Carol Farmer and Sharon Elzy.Nikki Broderick, Ann Hall, Denise and Clint Payne, Sarah Bowen and Debbie Chick.Terra Jackson and Alan Lewis.Aaron Dougherty, Hannah Culwell and Mackenzie Kessinger.Aaron Dougherty, Hannah Culwell, Kyle White and Mackenzie Kessinger.Michelle Bickelman, Michelle Washle, Jenness Stone and Chris Struck.Stephanie Geddes, Paula Schoenhoff and Michelle Washle.Justin Tweedy and Brittany Cecil.Elaine Davis, Micah Chandler and Bridgette Williams.Lori Green and Micah Chandler.Bob Eaton and Lori Green.Stephanie Haiser and Rich Smith.Rich Smith, Nancy Meiers, James Shawnna Tilton and Stephanie Kaiser.