Cabbage Patch Annual Auction

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House held its 12th Annual Auction September 24 at The Henry Clay Building. The event featured a silent auction, cocktail reception, complimentary bar, dinner and a live auction to benefit Cabbage Patch. The organization relies on private funding to empower at-risk children, youth and their families by focusing on economic, educational, emotional, moral, physical, social and spiritual self-sufficiency.

Photos by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer

Matt and Stephanie Thompson.Meagan and Nik Snyder and Erik Keener.Reverend Tracy Holladay and Sharon Schmidt.Matt and Jess Rives.Bill Faris and Junis Baldon.Susan Snyder and Liz and Rick Haas.Rosalie Faris and Mark and Susan Pfeifer.Larry Rueff, Reverend Tracy Hollaway and Sue Rueff.Michael Roberts, Jenee Rue Sastry, Julie Roberts and Krishnan Sastry.Stefanie and Judge Tom Knopf and Margaret Horlander.Nancy Tafel, Anne Jones and Elaine and Edie Wells.Sharon Schmidt, Jennifer Arington and Nancy Fleming.Tom and May Gipe and Michelle and Chad Bourke.Holly and Rob Crady and Chip Snyder.Kathy French and Kinsey Beninate.Shawn Haufe and Gerri Ann Cassidy.Kathy and Larry Edlin and Becky and Bill Meyer.Mary Lou Holt, Joe Spain and Denise Masterson.Andrea Etell and Cunthia Frantz.Candy Fischbach and Claude and Sherri Crosby.