Walk Through the Wild

ChooseWell Communities hosted their second annual Walk Through the Wild at the Louisville Zoo on Sept. 7. Supporters took part in a 1.5-mile walk through the zoo and enjoyed live music, kids’ activities and more. ChooseWell Communities provides resources for Louisville children so they may live and thrive in safe, healthy and drug-free homes.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • ChooseWell Communities founders Stephanie Barnett and Kim Mascaro.

  • MJ Lohan and Kathryn Baucom.

  • Joni Tamalonis and Kim Mascaro.

  • ​Wayne Crabtree, Jimmy Muse and Danny Kuhlenbeck.

  • Elizabeth, Christopher and Ashlynn Stocker.

  • Julie, Jane and Alice Hohmann.

  • ​Rena Sharpe with Morgan and Terri Rutledge.

  • ​Beth and JD Dlutowski.

  • John Helmers, Choose Well Communities Executive Director Joni Tamalonis and Jennifer Helmers.

  • ​Abbie Perry, Lily Likins and Kate Barnett.

  • Marilyn, Jeff and Ashley Doerr.